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the best thing i’ve seen today.

Watch this (video is blurry for the first couple of seconds):

”He grabbed it in his mouth, just like Pacman,” Biada said. ”He just ate it right there.”

That’s the best line from the news story that goes with it.

This guy has seen a lot of spy movies.

There’s not much left to say after that.  Haha.

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nothing beats tuesday blues like puppies!

This YouTube video should entertain even those who aren’t obsessed with puppies to the degree that I am.  Watch this little girl magically escape from her crate.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

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youtube clip of today: hammer pants.

Yes I’ve posted videos like this before.  Yes, I’m obsessed with random dance routines in awkward public places, what of it?  It’s hilarious!  And that old man is really breaking it down.  Does anybody want to start the DC Hammer Pants Dance brigade?

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