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i was starting to like her…

I was sort of starting to like Lindsay Lohan again. I obviously loved her in that Parent Trap remake and Mean Girls and the awkward movie about the living doll with Tyra Banks, but then she got all crazy and unlovable. But LiLo has recently been back with a guest spot on Ugly Betty. (I, by the way, love Ugly Betty. Daniel and Betty are so fucking cute and Amanda and Mark might be my favorite girl-plus-gay-guy couple ever.) Miss Lohan was actually pretty good in the few episodes she was in. Sure, you HATED her character by the end, but she seemed to sort of have a sense of humor about the role, down to some jokes about rehab. 

And then Lindsay had to go on the teevee and do this (watch until about 21 seconds in, then go scream into a pillow):


UPDATE: Reader B-lo made this point in the comments:

“I don’t know–it’s definitely garbled right when she allegedly said “colored”. Kinda sounds like a chop job to me. Why would that be the only word in the whole interview that isn’t completely clear?”

I listened to the clip a few times before posting it because I was skeptical, but I was pretty convinced that she said “colored.” What do you guys think?

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