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movie trailers won’t be the same.

RIP Don LaFontaine, the man with a voice that made us want to see every movie…even if we didn’t know why.  LaFontaine, who was 68, lent his voice to over 5,000 movie trailers and 750,000 teevee spots in a 33 year career.  Damnnnnn.  I think this is a nice picture.

Here’s Don working his magic in the Geico commerical:

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ahhh! new harry potter movie trailer!

A SWTCTW public service announcement:

The new Harry Potter movie trailer is up! Watch it right now.

Or, you can watch it on the big screen before Brendan Fraser’s new Mummy movie, which opens on Friday. But why in god’s name would you go pay $12 to see that? I love me some HP, but that is not worth it to me. I would never get those hours of my life back.

And here’s a picture of Harry from the new movie. Still looking good. He gets hotter with each movie.

Amen. That is all.

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