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newest boomers have obama to thank.

Oh boy. Or, girl.  This week’s Newsweek explores the possibility of an Obama Baby Boom and the opportunity for “that’s what she said” jokes alone makes the article HI-larious.  Let’s start with the lede:

The theory is almost too perfect to be true. Barack Obama the son of politically progressive parents, was born Aug. 4, 1961—almost nine months to the day after John F. Kennedy was elected to the White House. Is it possible Obama was conceived on that historic night?

Um. Ew?  I freely admit to being borderline obsessed with the President-elect and his family (What? No puppy until the Spring? Nooo!) but there are some things that I really just don’t need to know.  While Newsweek offers little (okay, nothing) in the way of statistical proof and only anecdotal evidence for the possible Obama Baby Boom, the term “Obama Baby” has already been defined by UrbanDictionary.com as “a child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex.”  Want to hear it used in a sentence? 

“On election night, my husband had managed to down a bottle and a half of wine in celebration and he was all about making an ‘Obama election baby’,” Abbi Whitaker, 32, of Reno, Nev., told NEWSWEEK. “He thought it would be the coolest thing.”

Mr. Whitaker, I assure you that you will be the only one to consistently consider that “the coolest thing.”  I’ve had the unfortunate experience, not once but twice, to hear about the conception of close friends from the conceivers themselves.  BELIEVE ME, there is nothing cool about it, no matter how crazy (ew) the story may be.  Your friends will not think so, your child will not think so, and his or her friends REALLY will not think so. 

Speaking of things that are not cool, Eric Davis of Minneapolis told Newsweek that during one of their election night celebrations, “my wife accidentally said, ‘Oh, Obama!'”  Awkward . . . Feel free to put post-election euphoria to good use and get busy but it’s still important to say the right name. 

Is the Obama Baby Boom a real phenomenon?  Although demographic experts and physicians expect “a healthy increase” in births we won’t know for sure for another nine months. 

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