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youtube clip of today: single ladies.

Lots of wisdom in this video: you can be a single lady if you want. Also, lots of therapy in this baby’s future.  But he’s so cute!

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youtube clip of today: beyonce flash-dance.

Now this is just impressive:

I don’t know what it is about these massive dance events that makes me so happy. The human solidarity? The wackiness? The element of surprise? If I ever seen one of these in person, I will be ecstatic. They make me cry tears of joy EVERY TIME. I think what really got me this time was when they all started clapping towards the end, at which point I thought to myself: “Wow, I hope they are all single and proud and just loving their lives and ohmygod this is beautiful!”

So, things that made me cry today: a presentation about violence against homeless people, and a video of a bunch of random ladies doing the Single Ladies dance outside a train station. I’m a complicated person.

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paul and beyonce: together at last.

I told you that I’ve been been unusually obsessed with Paul Simon these days. Part of this is because of “The Obvious Child.” That song is so FREAKING good. I just want to get up and dance like a fool whenever I hear it. This makes for some awkward bus rides, as I occasionally find myself shimmying my shoulders to the beat and maybe mouthing the words a little bit. At least I know how to entertain myself. And that Paul Simon, he sure knows how to entertain YOU:

I realized after watching that video that I didn’t really know what Paul looks like. Google Image changed all that. I especially like this photo, because I, too, have a furry hood thing attached to one of my vests. It’s like Paul and I are soulmates:

Speaking of shimmying your shoulders to the beat, Beyonce is mesmerizing in the “Single Ladies” video:

I would sell an internal organ or two on the black market to be able to dance like that. Unfortunately, things like the small intestine and the liver seem to be kind of important. I guess I’ll have to stick to my classic unabashedly awkward style of jumping up and down and calling it dancing.

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