what happened to you, hal sparks?

As an enthusiastic (if not particularly committed) fan of VH1’s Best Week Ever and I Love the [Insert Decade Here], I was very happy to stumble upon the 2003 edition of I Love the New Millennium that’s on this week. I was looking forward to seeing Hal Sparks, one of my favorite commentators, rocking his snarky adorable nerdiness of yesteryear. In my memory, he looked something like this:


Totally crushable, no?

Let’s look at another:


Cute, clean-cut, white teeth…nice.

So imagine my surprise when he shows up on the set of I Love the New Millennium looking like THIS:


Hal, NOOOO! What happened to you? The patchy beard plus molestache? The earring? That tie?? And Hal, if you’re going to allow your hair to grow out like that, at least brush it, for god’s sake. Some scholarly research tells me that he has a CD now (not very new, apparently), so maybe he’s misguidedly trying to channel some sort of rocker vibe? Hal, on I Love the 2010’s, I’ll be expecting more of you.

At least he’s still witty.

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8 responses to “what happened to you, hal sparks?

  1. Kathleen

    he went from being a top notch specimen of a man to looking kind of like an old hipster vampire. sweet outfit, too. you slay me like buffy, hal.

  2. lifestartsnow

    ok, don’t know this guy and NOW don’t have to get to know him. oh that beard and the tie…


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  4. I think he is delicious either way.

  5. Mallory

    After watching last night’s I Love the New Milennium, I might have to agree. I guess snark outweighs scruff.

  6. And rock outweighs all.
    Here is the YouTube URL to his band performing “Satellites”:

  7. dvlaries

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Emmy’s aren’t good enough – Chris Potter and, especially, Robert Gant deserve Oscars for acting sexual ardor for this creature. Oh, what hell those fine men must have been put through 😦

  8. Teresa

    People change throughout their life.

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