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family feud: the brady bunch style.

Even the most perfect TV family is not so perfect- in real life. Florence Henderson, who played Mrs. Brady, and Christopher Knight, who played Peter Brady, are in a bit of a tiff. For those of you that aren’t VH1 whores like me and my friends, Christopher Knight met “America’s Next Top Model” winner Adrianne Curry (Tyra, girl, you messed that one up.) on “The Surreal LIfe”. They fell in love, apparently. “The Surreal Life”, by the way, is the most disasterous/repulsive of all celebrity reality shows. I’m willing to bet that 5/8 members have had a sex tape released on the internet. Yeah Mini-Me, I’m talking about you. The other beautiful coupling that has been derived from this show was Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav. Give me a second, I need to go vomit.

Anyway, Knight and Curry went on to have their own reality show, “My Fair Brady”. To the genius that thought of the title: ouch. You slay me. And as you can imagine, hilarity, disaster and severe marital dysfunction have ensued.

So Flo told reporters last week that their marriage was a mistake and that they were pressured into it by the reality show, etc. She said, “They didn’t take my advice at all! And as you may have seen, they did get engaged and they did get married. Maybe I will counsel the divorce.” Let the record state that she is a certified hypnotherapist and the terrible twosome had asked for her help.

Naturally, Peter Brady is mad at Mommy. But guess what Peter/Christopher, old Flo (who now does denture commercials) is RIGHT. Adrianne Curry is a mess, and not in the hot Project Runway Christian Siriano way. And here is how you know things are really bad: he responded to his fake mom’s comments via his MYSPACE page. Ugh! Haha.

It is no secret Florence and Adrianne do not see eye to eye. In truth, I can empathize with both sets of views. But….in the struggle I have hoping one day these two women will bridge their generation and philosophical differences, calling my marriage a sham helps so very little.

I put forth the hope that opne day both Adrianne and Florence, both of whom have played an integral role in my life, will find a way to come together in a peaceful and respectful way. In the mean time, the sanctity of my marriage should not be called into question.”

Whatever, dude. You can’t expect to “marry” and reality TV train wreck and not have anybody watch or comment!

I’m anxiously looking forward to the rest of the Brady family getting involved. Man, this would have been a great episode.

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speaking of natashas…may i rant?

So Saturdays are super slow at the place where I’m receptionist-ing this week, and so they let us watch TV. As a throwback to my middle school days, when I religiously watched every VH1 Top Ten Countdown, I decided to watch some sort of VH1 countdown this morning. And it reminded me of something I’ve been needing to get off my chest: Natasha Bedingfield drives me nuts. Now, I know that everyone is obsessed with “Unwritten” and “Pocketful of Sunshine,” but I think they are crappy, irritating songs, and I’m sick of hearing them on the radio. (It’s like with my friend Anne, who hates the Beatles…if you sort of don’t like something, and then everyone else LOVES it, you’re bound to hate it even more.) Natasha Bedingfield’s songs are made for all-girl a cappella groups and middle schooler’s away messages (today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten…OMG LUV my GiRLaS…can’t wait 4 Jason’s party 2nite!), and that’s all. If they stuck to those forums, I would be safe.

And um, since when do the New Kids on the Block have a new song? It was just number one on the countdown, and I had no idea that they were back. I thought one of them was Ricky Martin.

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what happened to you, hal sparks?

As an enthusiastic (if not particularly committed) fan of VH1’s Best Week Ever and I Love the [Insert Decade Here], I was very happy to stumble upon the 2003 edition of I Love the New Millennium that’s on this week. I was looking forward to seeing Hal Sparks, one of my favorite commentators, rocking his snarky adorable nerdiness of yesteryear. In my memory, he looked something like this:


Totally crushable, no?

Let’s look at another:


Cute, clean-cut, white teeth…nice.

So imagine my surprise when he shows up on the set of I Love the New Millennium looking like THIS:


Hal, NOOOO! What happened to you? The patchy beard plus molestache? The earring? That tie?? And Hal, if you’re going to allow your hair to grow out like that, at least brush it, for god’s sake. Some scholarly research tells me that he has a CD now (not very new, apparently), so maybe he’s misguidedly trying to channel some sort of rocker vibe? Hal, on I Love the 2010’s, I’ll be expecting more of you.

At least he’s still witty.

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