will he wear clothes in court?

This is the question on my mind (hopefully everyone else’s too so I don’t feel like a weirdo) after the Naked Cowboy, aka Robert Burck, won the right to go to court and sue the Blue M&M for using his identity. Congratulations to Mr. Naked for being the only person not to think it’s cool to be turned into an M&M! They even have a Web site for it. Yes, I’ve done this more than once.

Anyway, the Blue M&M was dressed like him in an ad in front of the Mars Candy store in Times Square. That’s the Naked Cowboy’s turf–and has been since 1998. So I get that he doesn’t like the competition. But the blue M&M is so much…cuter. Here’s what the Naked Cowboy had to say for himself:

“Sounds like I’ve got $4 million coming my way.”

WHAT? You mean you care about the money? You mean you didn’t make a mockery out of yourself every day just bring a smile to people’s faces and make them slightly uncomfortable as you stood there in cowboy boots and tighty whities? This whole thing was a gimmick, just to make money?! Shame on you, Naked, for fooling us all!

But on the other hand, power to him. I hang out naked and get made into an M&M and I’m still unemployed. I mean, I’m a writer.

Oh and FYI, this is not Naked’s first time to court. Here is his mugshot. I just stumbled across it. I figured it would just make everyone feel better about themselves.


[Posted by Kathleen]


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5 responses to “will he wear clothes in court?

  1. sexual chocolate

    Alright Miss Kathleen, You’ve written about naked people twice in the past week. Between the cowboy and that chick with the hemp g-string, it is coming off as obsessive. But you give yourself too much credit, I doubt you’ve ever blogged naked. EVER. prove me wrong.

  2. sexual chocolate

    i guess you said you hang out naked, not blog. but i dare you to blog naked.

  3. ramon sexalot

    blod naked show us your tits whore!

  4. ramon sexalot

    blog naked show us your tits whore!

  5. Five bucks says that ramon sexalot is a virgin.

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