stop this giant from mocking god!


I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m obsessed with the snarky political commentary site Wonkette. Recently, I’ve been loving their mockery of the American Family Association’s efforts to Boycott McDonald’s. (Background on Wonkette’s mockery here; link to the Boycott McDonald’s website here.) Basically, McDonald’s donated some money to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, a bunch of self-righteous, intolerant people got angry, and these people decided to clog their arteries at another establishment. They are encouraging their fellow Christians to boycott America’s favorite fast food restaurant with persuasive, well-written comments like these:

“I`m sorry that you have made the decision that heterosexul folks such as i are not welcome in your resturants any longer. i will not argue your decision. By giving your resturants sapport to the homosexual groups you have told me my believes and lifestyle are not yours and i`m not welcome in your resturants anylonger.”

The group’s latest — and by far, most hilarious — weapon is this gem of a video:

Eh, we were always Wendy’s girls here at SWTCTW.  Mmm, Baconator.

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4 responses to “stop this giant from mocking god!

  1. mcparty

    pure genius. best powerpoint slideshow creation i have ever seen…and the music was simply delightful! it’s good to know that some of the most intolerant people in the nation have the creative capacity of an ant….a very bigoted ant.

  2. KTray

    Everytime I start to feel guilty for not going to church, something like this happens.

    Thank you, radical homophobic christian groups for keeping my Sunday mornings open for brunch! (mmm… bacon)

  3. Mallory

    I’ve watched the video several times now, and I still laugh every time. “SODOMITES! In case you wonder what that is, it is God’s word for homosexuals.”

  4. I enjoyed reading some of the comments some of these bigots left on the Boycott McDonald’s website.

    “How can you support this minority of people and their lifestyle?”

    Guess that means no more support for the NAACP.

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