a random roundup of recent news.

Hello, faithful readers! Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the world in brief, easy-to-digest tidbits. In no particular order…

  • Bono has been named the godfather of Brangelina’s new babies. Which is exciting, except that godparents don’t really do anything. [Rediff]
  • Wikipedia will soon be obsolete because Google just introduced their own, more legit online encyclopedia thinger: Google Knol. (I must say, they really dropped the ball on the name.) Now, when you want to avoid sifting though microfiches or — gasp! — books, you can get info about Joseph Stalin from an actual historian, instead of from that stoned kid in Oregon who got bored and decided to add facts like “He was a phenomenal dancer” to Stalin’s Wikipedia page. [ZDNet]
  • According to the folks over at book publisher Hachette, the cassette tape is officially dead. (They had a funeral for the tape. Seriously.) But how can it be dead when I still have a humongous radio in my room with not one but TWO cassette decks so that I can get all fancy and record from one to the other? HUH?! I will never give up my Ace of Base tapes. Never. [New York Times]
  • LifeStyles Condoms reportedly offered Miley Cyrus $1 million to be their rep. Poor Miley just can’t get a break. [AOL News]
  • Senator Ted Stevens was indicted today on “seven counts of failing to disclose thousands of dollars in services he received from a company that helped renovate his home.” Sometimes a guy just needs a wraparound deck and a new grill. [MSNBC]
  • Barack Obama and potential veep Governor Tim Kaine, of Virginia, are getting all hot and heavy, but in a secret way. [CNN]
  • Online game Scrabulous has been shut down “in the face of a lawsuit contending the game infringed on Hasbro’s copyrighted Scrabble game.” Uh oh. I never played Scrabulous, but I know a bunch of people who were obsessed and will be quite upset by this news. Back to Minesweeper, I guess. [The Mercury News]

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