game over. lochte is my soulmate.

New York correspondent Lana sent me this video, which proved once and for all that Ryan Lochte and I are destined for each other. Unforunately, it’s not on YouTube, so I can only give you the link. The point is, he loves breakfast sandwiches. Fated, no? And apparently he also loves salt. I can see it now: we’ll be married and I’ll be fat and pregnant, while he’ll still be hot and siwmmer-y. We’ll start every day with a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich, and then go home and do lines of salt off of his gold medals.

Want more? Me too:

That’s the grill he wore while accepting his silver medal at the 2007 World Championships in Melbourne. 

Here’s another video of Lochte after the Olympic Trials:

Perhaps not the most eloquent of speakers, but perfect nonetheless. And those other bitches who think they love him better back the fuck off. He’s mine.

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4 responses to “game over. lochte is my soulmate.

  1. Celisse WordPOWER

    Hi Hello I do not know you, but I just came to say: It’s on.

  2. jlynn146

    i just wanted to say that i am looking up pics for my step daughter and thought that it would be nice. tell she read what you wrote. please can we watch what we say girls. i know hes cute, but we still have young ones that look at this stuff.


  3. gabriella

    haha, now don’t you know you shouldn’t say “fuck?”

    Ryan Lochte is too damn cute, and I was just thinking the same exact thing when I watched a video where some girl got to hug him and they all took pictures with him…. “those bitches need to watch themselves.” But whatever… I still need a car if a plan on stalking him.

    oh my god, I’m going to die if they just don’t clone him and hand one out to everyone.

  4. Mallory

    Seriously. If Ryan Lochte isn’t reason enough to support cloning, I don’t know what is…

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