joe biden is our vp candidate!

He looks so vice presidential! Good choice, B. OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!

Here is the WaPo story.

And here they are, looking at hope and change on the horizon.

And again, sharing a laugh.  Look at them–they are adorable.  ADORABLE.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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3 responses to “joe biden is our vp candidate!

  1. Yay!

    I remember when I interned for Biden in 91. I was 18 and very much against his stance on the second amendment, but through working at his Georgetown office and studying his positions I came to really grow fond of him. He is a great guy, one of the smartest people you will ever meet and it’s amazing that he was the pick. I’m excited.



  2. Transcender of Political Parties

    I witnessed Kathleen’s reaction the moment she found out about Biden as the VP choice. What did she do? She didn’t cheer, she didn’t harumf. She went straight to the computer to blog to all of you dedicated readers. Feel special.

    Meanwhile, I went to sleep.

  3. Wildthing

    Obama-Biden for change in 2008 Yay!!

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