just six words and a picture.

Legs crossed, hands folded, titled heads.


Two Stepfords and a moose-eating governor.


OMG, Cindy McCain has orange legs.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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5 responses to “just six words and a picture.

  1. Madeline

    Laura Bush has obviously seen “The Princess Diaries.” Or, she has had some private princess-lessons from Julie Andrews. I wonder if she said to her, “Laura, First Ladies never cross their legs in public. Why don’t you just tuck one ankle behind the other and place the hands gracefully on the knees.” And then maybe Laura got really confused when she tried to do that and fell off of her chair. Then Julie Andrews and Laura Bush had tea.

    Have I seen that movie too many times? I don’t think so . . .

  2. I see 3 classy women who know how to hold themselves.

  3. brownisgreen

    Sarah pays $140 for each chopped-off foreleg of a wolf. (Not dead wolf, cuz, hey, who cares, and who can really tell from a foreleg?) I suspect Cindy is counting how many legs all her dogs have.

    And so is Sarah.

  4. Desirey

    Sarah Palin attempted to have books she found objectionable banned from the local library when she was mayor. She then tried to fire the librarian who would not allow her to decide what was suitable reading. Seriously. This woman wants to dictate to everyone her morals, which I think are quite warped. God help us if this woman sits as VP. I find her decision to run as McCain’s VP quite distressing because she has thrust her child into the spotlight when this should have been a private family matter. I believe Sarah Palin and McCain have used Bristol Palin as a poster child to get evangelical, prolife votes without any consideration for how humiliating or embarrassing this is for a 17 year old. Then she pushes a 17 into marriage…Shameful.

    Palin is a bitter, angry, insulting hypocrite woman, with no class! How dare she and the republicans potray her as an outsider and a great vision of change. Her first time in a national stage she insults Barack Obama a person who she has never met. She played her card as a typical Republican bitch. The game is on, I hope Obama and Biden will not be playing Mr. nice guys, she wants to play like the pitbull with a lipstick, well then bring it on, and I hope she doesn’t cry out sexism whe she loses to Biden!

  5. gabriellabellaaa

    I am STARING at Cindy’s legs. They look like raw meat and her feet look like they were photoshopped from a corpse. I don’t know if it is the shoe, shadows, or lighting, but it looks blue to me, and really weird next to those tanorexic legs!

    And I want to slap Sarah Palin in her face.

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