i’ll see you at the pole.

Because I’m a super nerd, I like to look at Google Trends and see what the kids are Googling these days.  Obviously when I saw “see you at the pole” as one of the top terms, I had to check it out.  Do you know what immediately came into my head?  Stripping and pole dancers.  Perhaps “see you at the pole” is used as a challenge for pole dancers–like a walk off…but crazier.  Maybe we’re talking about Santa and the North Pole. I don’t know.

See You At The Pole is actually a day each year when Christian students gather at the flag pole and pray before school.  Ummm.  What a let down.

Two million students are expected to have participated this morning in the See You At The Pole 2008.

This raises questions of the separation between church and state.  While this occurs outside of school hours and is student led, should administrators be allowed to participate?  Where are the lines drawn?  What do you think would happen if I’ll See You At The Pole 2008 was all about devil worship?

Lots of thoughts for your Wednesday morning.

Pole dancing is way more fun to think about, right?  But what do you think?

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4 responses to “i’ll see you at the pole.

  1. batguano101

    The founders of our nation would be in shock at your concern about Christians praying for the nation.

    Twisted and contorted use of a phrase in a letter, out of context, to promote a social agenda, only provides twisted and contorted thought.

  2. I’m not concerned by Christians praying for the nation. By all means, pray. This nation needs it. I only ask people to think about what would happen if it was Devil Worship, instead of Christianity. On land owned by the government, the lines are blurred. Think about it.

  3. blackberrykiss

    i think i’ll just think about pole-dancing for now. haha. …okay but seriously, i guess devil worship would be something different altogether, considering its implications and all.

    as for where the lines are drawn, that’s a good question which i sometimes i ask myself too- here in my school, the lines are very blurred. we have teachers young enough (but very good ones, may i add) to be our friends, and so a lot goes around…and we question whether our teachers should really be doing that. but then again, what’s the point? in a couple of years we graduate anyway.

    di (random but faithful reader of this blog)

    p.s. some jobs come with certain restrictions, i guess. like if a teacher were to join in with the devil worship, he’d be seen to be “encouraging” it, (and thus be laid off) when really, if he didnt make it public, no one would have known anyway.

  4. Mo

    The 1st ammendment directly supports such n active as Christian prayer. This country was founded on the Bible. Christians would only pray for general well being and improvement and cannot even begin to be compared to something that supports, and openly even, hateful activity and individual well being which my not be and most likely not, good for another.

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