and now you’ve ruined my pants.

I have a confession to make: I sort of love Blair and Chuck together. I often hate them on their own, but when they get together and tell each other to just “say those three little words,” those two evil Upper East Siders sort of melt my heart. I know. I’m embarrassed too.

Also, what the hell are you doing Little J? Whoring around with that model and the sketchball photographer? How do you go from innocent 15-year-old to black-eyeliner-wearing whore sexpot with bangs in ONE WEEK? Oh, that’s right. This is Gossip Girl. Plotlines can be inconsistent and absurd, and I’ll still watch. At least Nate’s still beautiful:

And now, because they’ve added a little poll feature to my blogging toolbox, let’s try a poll:

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4 responses to “and now you’ve ruined my pants.

  1. why would you hate anything chuck bass adorns?

  2. justcallmepam

    thanks to i found out two interesting facts today:

    1. taylor momsen (aka jenny) was born in 1993 (gah) while chace crawford was born in the best year ever, 1985….gross.

    2. taylor momsen was cindy lou hoo in How the Grinch Stole Christmas…i’m disturbed by that.

    photographic creepiness:

  3. Lana Banana

    a) I love Nate’s voluptuous eyelashes.

    b) a girl I work with was at an UES bar this past weekend aaaand she happened to play beruit (note: for all of those not from Long Island, beer pong is played with paddles) against Chuck Bass.

    uhhhhhhhhh… yum.

    she told me that there were “…ugly girls taking pictures of him the whole time and he said he wishes people would just act normal.” Then she lost by one cup, told him she let him win, and that he should know there’s a rule about leaning too far over the table. Then she also added that she has prettier bangs than him.. haha. Also noteworthy, her partner, a dude, had no idea who he was, nor did he stop calling him a hipster when he found out.

    I love New York.

    c) I think it’s weird that there is a Nate, and a Chuck, and I’m supposed to be able to make this distinction in “real life.”

  4. BlairWaldorf

    Serena pisses me off. She’s supposed to be this sweet innocent 17 year old, who would never do anything bad (anymore) yet she walks around looking like a hoe. Like for example, on the episode “New Haven can Wait” at the Yale party, her dress: God what a slut. Seriously, her boobs were popping out. She always wears dresses like those and im sick of it.

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