mccain for president, says ken layne.

My friends, you must read this. Ken Layne is my favorite Wonkette boyfriend and he is a genius:

This first decade of the 21st Century has not been very good for America. We have been terrorized at home, humiliated in war, humbled by Asia, surpassed by Europe, invaded by Mexico and laughed at by Canada.

We are also so much sicker and sadder and poorer than we were eight years ago.

The question, on November 4, is this: Are we man enough, as a nation, to admit things are just going to keep getting worse? Can we finally grimace into our national mirror and admit that we need someone to finish the job? Then let’s make John McCain, and then Sarah Palin, our president(s). Let’s do this right!

Experts say the United States is like a bus full of enraged cows teetering on the edge of a sea cliff, with swarms of bloodthirsty sharks circling the waters below. Tragically, the frightened and confused livestock are unable to tilt the bus over the cliff by themselves.

We can’t afford to prolong the misery. We can’t afford to elect some pie-in-the-sky character who appeals to our better instincts. We can’t afford to put aside ignorance and poverty.

We need to be pushed over that ledge.

John McCain for pre — okay I can’t even type that line, but you get the point.

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