whatever happened to good ol’ ralph?

I hate that I am posting so many article links without much commentary, but this is a pretty busy couple of days for me. Posting quick excerpts and links is a way for me to feel like I’m still involving myself and this blog in some sort of discussion, because obviously there are a LOT of things to be discussed right now. 

MSNBC’S First Read had a blurb in its afternoon political roundup today that I found pretty compelling:

At a rally at the University of Maryland, Independent Party candidate Ralph Nader criticized the way the media covers the presidential race, citing the fact that Joe the Plumber has gotten more political coverage than the Nader-Gonzalez tandem.

Of course you could make a lot of points on either side of the question of Ralph v. Joe, but it’s a question worth thinking about. Read a little more here.

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