throwdown: joe biden v. barbara west.

So my friend just sent this video to me. Take a look:

Now as a proud liberal with a potentially unhealthy love for Barack Obama, I found this video entertaining in the sense that Joe Biden wiped the floor with this wingnut reporter. Then I looked at the comments on the video, and realized that everyone thought that Barbara West really tested Biden and proved that Obama is totally a Marxist Muslim nutjob who will destroy our country within the first six months of his presidency. I guess you really do just see what you want to see. 

As I was watching this, I thought of a conversation I had with my sister the other day. As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been bickering just a leeetle these days about politics. I was video chatting with her, and one of her friends muttered something in the background about how Obama was going to get assassinated and that in voting for him, I was basically just voting for Biden.

Now, don’t even get me started on the fact that it is disgusting and embarrassing that no single person is worried that John McCain might be assassinated. Nope, just the black guy. But on top of that, do you REALLY want to play the vice president game?! REALLY? Saying that you shouldn’t vote for Obama because he could get assassinated is like saying you shouldn’t vote for McCain because he might die like tomorrow. Both are certainly possibilities, but to base your vote on either hypothetical situation is absurd. And even if I were to base my vote on those hypothetical situations, I would clearly trust Biden over Miss Wasilla. (Have you seen this, by the way? “Joe the mauve sofa”…hysterical)

And call me a commie, but I honestly think the quote “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need,” is pretty damn right on. Isn’t that SORT OF the foundation of things like conservative Christian things like tithing? The idea that when you are able, you should give of yourself to others who need it most?

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