a friendly SWTCTW public service announcement.


Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  I hope that all of our lovely readers will get to spend it surrounded by friends and family and with yummy, delicious food.  Ready for the guilt trip?  Just like every year, this year there will be many individuals and families whose tables are empty and this year, there will be even more. 

Nationally, demand at local food banks is up 25-40% as more middle class families, who used to be donors, are seeking assistance in this troubled economy.  Donations have either stayed at the same rate or increased slightly but not enough to cover the increased demand.  This will be a continued problem, through 2009, but the Holidays are a great time to start helping.  Please visit Feeding America (formerly Second Harvest of America) to find a food bank near you and see how you can help.  A lot of families rely on their local food bank to put food on their table so please, keep them in mind.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will help to feed a family in need. 

So that’s our PSA.  We’ll get back to the snark shortly. 

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