obama can’t get through to republicans.

Literally.  They will not take his calls.  Okay, it’s just the one.  Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen hung up on Obama not once . . . but twice yesterday, assuming that it was a prank call. 

Hold the phones (ha).  This woman is the ranking Republican member of the House Foreign Affairs committee, not to mention, um, a congresswoman.  Isn’t it part of her job description to take important phone calls?  But wait . . . there’s more!  Here is an exerpt from the official press release from the office of the congresswoman:

“Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen thought it was a hoax when President-Elect Barak (sic) Obama called her twice today and she proceeded to hang up on him, twice.”

Really?!  I mean, REALLY?!  So, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel called the Congresswoman to tell her that she had hung up on the President Elect.  Ros-Lehtinen then hung up on him and spelled his name wrong in the press release as well (not to be accused of playing favorites):

“A short time later, Cong. and Chief of Staff designate Rahm Emmanuel (sic) called Ileana and stated ‘Ileana, I cannot believe that you hung up on the President-Elect.’ Ros-Lehtinen told Rahm that she didn’t believe the call was legitimate and hung up on Emmanuel (sic).”

Obama and Ros-Lehtinen were finally able to have a chat about Cuba and Israel (thank goodness he wasn’t calling about anything important . . . ) after Chairman Howard Berman of the Foreign Affairs Committee called the Congresswoman, proved his identity over the phone by sharing a story only the two would know (creepy . . .), and broke the news that she had indeed hung up on the President-Elect.  Twice. 

Once, I accidentally sent an e-mail to the president of my university which accidentally said that I loved him.  That was pretty embarassing but I think hanging up on the President-Elect of the United States twice in one day would be worse.  When Barack calls me and offers me a job (any day now . . . ) I will be sure not to make the same mistake. 

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