george the lobster goes back home.

I can’t write something more clever than the NY Daily News lede, so here you go.

A monster lobster scored a one-way ticket out of a Manhattan restaurant Friday – and not on a fork.

After a few years of straight up chilling at the City Crab and Seafood restaurant in New York (and a petition from PETA), George, estimated to be between 80 and 140 years old (yeah, me too…) is being released.  It must be a slow news day, because this is hilarious:

George, unlike certain other celebrities, did not seem perturbed as a crew of photographers shot his picture before his grand exit.

“If he was upset, he’d be slapping his tail. His claws would be up and in a defensive posture,” explained Vaina.

“Can you lift up his butt, if he has a butt?” asked a photographer.

George will be transported to New Hampshire, and then finally released in Maine, where he is for sure bound to be caught by a crazy, old Maine lobsterman and sold for $7 a pound.  Yum.

George, GO BACK FROM WHENCE YOU CAME!  Live longer and prosper, little buddy!

[Posted by Kathleen]

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