a lifetime movie waiting to happen.

Here is your crazy story for today! (From the AP)

HEBRON, Ind. —  Police say a northern Indiana woman who wasn’t invited to her sister’s wedding reception showed up anyway and attacked the bride, pulling out clumps of her hair.

Twenty-three-year-old Annmarie Bricker of Valparaiso faces a misdemeanor battery charge for last Friday’s attack outside a Porter County home.

The Porter County Sheriff’s Department says a friend was hosting a reception for Nicholas Landry and Lori Kappes — Bricker’s sister — when Bricker attacked Kappes on the front porch.

Police say that after the attack, Kappes had smeared makeup and clumps of hair missing from her head but sought no medical treatment.

Bricker told police she arrived at the home to confront her sister and parents and “just wanted to talk” about family problems. She says she never touched her sister.

She “just wanted to talk”? HA!  Liar, liar, pants on fire!

I sense a Lifetime movie script in the works.  Toss in a stripper, a pregnancy, and we’ve got ourselves a nice little Sunday afternoon.  Maybe Kate Hudson is available?

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