youtube clip of today: wii breakfast.

Those folks on the other side of the pond are just so witty, are they not?  As someone who does not own a Wii and does not find it as amazing or entertaining as everyone else, I found this to be particularly funny.  My typical response when asked to play Wii?  ‘We would NOT like to play!’ Followed by me laughing at my own joke.  Get it?  Like the commercial?  I am hilarious!  While goofy, the video (brought to us by Idiots of Ants) does touch on something bizarre about our culture– our need for all those pointless games and silly controllers.  I mean, if anything, don’t you just love the accents?

So don’t get too disappointed that the game is fake.  I would like to see it exist for one scenario alone: if Mallory were to play, she’d make one hell of a breakfast sandwich.  

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2 responses to “youtube clip of today: wii breakfast.

  1. The controller-mania is a little bizarre but I figured they only exist to embody things that you can’t actually possess (i.e. guns, light sabers), it’s when you get to the tennis rackets, slingshots and spoons that I start getting concerned.
    How about actually going outside and playing real-life tennis?
    Or hitting a dog in the eye with your real0life slingshot.
    Or eating some real-life cereal.
    I have to admit though, I can see the diet/anorexic benefits. Trick your body into thinking it’s eating when you’re actually starving to death.

  2. Mallory

    Oh my lord I can’t wait to go home and watch this video and dream about breakfast sandwiches. Covered in delicious melty cheese mmmm.

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