grayson wynne is boy vs. wild.

I'm a fake!

I'm a fake!

Apparently shows like Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild” have some value. When 9-year-old Grayson Wynne was separated from his family during a camping trip in Utah’s Ashley National Forest, he remembered the things he had seen Bear Grylls do. (That man, by the way, is the biggest fake. Not that the New York Post is gospel, but this article is worth a read: click here. Fancy resorts, Bear?  Seriously?)

Grayson ripped his yellow rain jacket in to strips and tied them to trees to leave a trail and clues. He spent the night in a small shelter he made under a fallen tree, and the next morning followed a creek in hopes of finding a lake. He was found on Sunday after surviving on his own for 18 hours. I’m impressed, little G! This story of boy vs. wild also has a warm and fuzzy ending. The first thing he said to his dad was “Happy Father’s Day”. Awwww.

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