youtube video of today: smart-ass champ.

My sister showed me this video last night, and I sat silent beside her as I watched the entire thing. When it was over, she turned to me and said, “What, so you didn’t think it was funny?!” And frankly, people, this thing is just too awkward for laughter. Or any reaction at all. Except ohdeargod I feel uncomfortable. See for yourselves:

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5 responses to “youtube video of today: smart-ass champ.

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  2. justcallmepam

    ouch. quite painful to watch. home schooled, eh? couldn’t tell…

  3. E.Lee

    Oh Gawd this reminds me of some of the more awful depositions I’ve taken in my short and awkward career. Me: “You’ve worked for Entergy since 2004, is that correct” Witness: Yes. Me: “Tell me, how did you come to be a Staff Accountant for Entergy.” Witness: “I applied for a job. They hired me.” Me: “Ummmm. Moving on, your testimony supports Entergy’s request for $500 million” Witness: “Billion” Me: “Oh, yeah, so many zeros. (Awkward laugh)” Witness:Blank Stare.

  4. Oh sweet baby Jesus. This interview, to me (as a journalism major), gives me nightmares about trying to interview difficult people. Perhaps his mama should have been “coaching” him through the interview like those spelling bees?

  5. Mallory

    justcallmepam: You’d know, having lived with one of those homeschooled freaks for so long.

    E.Lee: HAHAHHAHA. Can I please come watch one of these? I’ll wear my bright green lawyer pants!

    Amelia: Seriously. I’d love to meet this kid’s mother.

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