some thoughts on last night’s grammys.

I’m taking advantage of the two hours of Bachelor that stretch before me to catch up on a little blogging. (While we’re on the topic…nice turtleneck, Jake.)

Shall we talk about the Grammys? Until I got bored about three-quarters of the way in, I was impressed. The performances were mostly fun and I managed to stay engaged and entertained, which rarely happens when I watch awards shows. It didn’t hurt that the show was infused with some country flavor. Nice work, Grammy people! Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Jennifer Nettles: you blow me away. T.Swift: well, that was hard to watch. But I’m sure Stevie Nicks is a damn intimidating person to sing with.

Also, remember how there was a crazy cute little boy with Jay-Z and Rhianna?

I SOLVED THE MYSTERY! It was Solange Knowles’ son, so Jay’s nephew. Cuteness to the max.

You’ll also be pleased to know that I watched almost until the end of the show waiting for Lady Gaga’s finale performance and then realized (thanks, Internets) that she was the opening act and I just hadn’t turned on the teevee in time. So I watched some bootleg version of the performance on YouTube and called it a night. Sigh.

I’m going to turn my full attention back to rotting my brain via reality television, but I’ll leave you with my favorite performance of the night:

Country music, you make me feel whole.

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2 responses to “some thoughts on last night’s grammys.

  1. Hannah


    Although if he is going to wear a turtleneck, might as well do it for Tenley. She ain’t trying to sneak in his bed at the castle for a midnight rape.

  2. Mallory

    Most awkward scene ever in the history of television. “Um, yeah. You should probably go back upstairs.”

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