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domino’s serves up slice of laziness.

Coming to you in thirty minutes or less: a coronary!  Tivo and Domino’s have formed a marriage of consumerism and now, Tivo subscribers will be able to order Dominos using only their remote control.  First of all, congratulations to Domino’s 19-year-old marketing intern, the obvious brain child behind this operation. 

Domino’s plan does make some sense.  When viewers fast forward through a Domino’s commercial, a pop-up ad will appear on their screen, through which they can place their order.  Although I see the point from an advertising perspective, personally, I don’t think I can support this.  I get embarrassed enough when I call Domino’s and, before I give them any information, they ask “Is this Madeline?  Guest-blogger extraordinaire at SWTCTW?”  HOW DO THEY KNOW?  It’s creepy and and a little humiliating and I don’t need them saying to each other “Madeline’s ordering pizza.  And she’s watching Gossip Girl for the third time this week.”  

Yes, I do think people think about my every move that much (duh, I write for a blog). 

Who knows though?  Maybe if I could order a masseur or a manicurist through the teevee I would feel differently.  What would you order?

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