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tell me are you that somebody?

Things that are not normal: eating a bean burrito and drinking a margarita by yourself while watching The Princess Diaries, by way of a pregame. Is this what being an adult is? Being forced to drink alone if your roommate is out of town and you happen to want to have a drink before you go out? (And your sister teased you with the idea of a margarita and you gave in?) I just choked on my margarita, by the way. 

I guess for the beginning of the night, it’s just me, my marg, and The Kooks. I don’t like this very much. My goal was to be UBER productive this weekend and not go out much at all. Except I already went out last night, and now, after being in the library all day, I am desperate for human contact. Plus, my friends organized a bar crawl. My life is so hard. 

Other random thoughts brought on by three sips of a strong drink on an empty-ish stomach: 

  • I love the bus.
  • I love Georgetown even more. It may be the greatest place on earth. It’s beautiful, has a cool history, and feels neighborhood-y, but it’s right in a really big, wonderful city.
  • The most attractive people in the world are part Asian.
  • Today I walked by what appeared to be a Fraturday, with shirtless dudes getting hammered and singing “Heyyyy, hey baby (hoo, ha!) I wanna knooooow will you be my girl” and I nearly cried because I’m not exactly allowed to do stuff like that anymore.
  • You can’t buy the Aaliyah song “Are You That Somebody?” on iTunes! (I think I still know EVERY word to that song.)
  • I am babysitting two birds this weekend. Isn’t that strange?
Now just watch the Aaliyah video and stop judging me. Take a shot of tequila or something. And try to figure out why someone thought it was a good idea to put the sound of a baby crying in the background of this song.

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happiness in tiny delicious dessert form.

If I could have any job in the world, I would like to own a candy store or a cupcake shop. Maybe an ice cream parlor. Something along those lines.

I’ve thought this for a long time. There is pretty much no happier place in the world than one of these shops. In high school, I used to work in a WONDERFUL candy store during the holiday season, and I loved every second of it. No one is ever pissed off while they’re buying candy. And if you work at a candy store, you get to nibble everything for free. Helloooo heaven.

The reason this comes up today is that my friends and I just discovered our own little piece of heaven in Georgetown: Georgetown Cupcake. Please just look at their website/menu and be jealous. We were wandering towards M Street to get coffee, and then, like a vision, this cupcake store appeared. I’d heard of it before, but I didn’t know that it was AROUND THE CORNER from our program’s headquarters. Which means I will probably go there every day. Which means next time you see me, I’ll have gained 200 pounds but I’ll be a lot happier.

Now everyone go eat a cupcake and get excited that it’s almost Friday.

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