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tell me are you that somebody?

Things that are not normal: eating a bean burrito and drinking a margarita by yourself while watching The Princess Diaries, by way of a pregame. Is this what being an adult is? Being forced to drink alone if your roommate is out of town and you happen to want to have a drink before you go out? (And your sister teased you with the idea of a margarita and you gave in?) I just choked on my margarita, by the way. 

I guess for the beginning of the night, it’s just me, my marg, and The Kooks. I don’t like this very much. My goal was to be UBER productive this weekend and not go out much at all. Except I already went out last night, and now, after being in the library all day, I am desperate for human contact. Plus, my friends organized a bar crawl. My life is so hard. 

Other random thoughts brought on by three sips of a strong drink on an empty-ish stomach: 

  • I love the bus.
  • I love Georgetown even more. It may be the greatest place on earth. It’s beautiful, has a cool history, and feels neighborhood-y, but it’s right in a really big, wonderful city.
  • The most attractive people in the world are part Asian.
  • Today I walked by what appeared to be a Fraturday, with shirtless dudes getting hammered and singing “Heyyyy, hey baby (hoo, ha!) I wanna knooooow will you be my girl” and I nearly cried because I’m not exactly allowed to do stuff like that anymore.
  • You can’t buy the Aaliyah song “Are You That Somebody?” on iTunes! (I think I still know EVERY word to that song.)
  • I am babysitting two birds this weekend. Isn’t that strange?
Now just watch the Aaliyah video and stop judging me. Take a shot of tequila or something. And try to figure out why someone thought it was a good idea to put the sound of a baby crying in the background of this song.

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quasimodo loves him some cry face.

Today begins Six Words To Change the World’s first weekly feature: the Hump Day Cry Face. Nothing helps inch you a little closer to the weekend like a good Cry Face. In front of Notre Dame. Enjoy.

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cry face WILL change the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, pimps and players, allow me to introduce you to the Cry Face.
Cry Face is a little thing a friend of mine invented accidentally back in high school when she was so cold that she actually felt like crying. Until my sophomore year in college, the Cry Face lay dormant, waiting to be released to the world. For no reason in particular, one night my friend Katie challenged me to get everyone I met that night to do the Cry Face. When we realized a) how ridiculous all people look while doing a Cry Face and b) how willing even strangers are to make this strange face and then be photographed, we knew this thing had potential. For the next few years, it was my personal mission to get as many people as I could to do Cry Face.
Boys wearing oxfords love Cry Face:

Asians love Cry Face:

The Crnkovich family (at their annual reunion) loves Cry Face:

Huge groups of people visiting Italian tourist destinations love Cry Face:

And you know what? I think even God loves the Cry Face (yes, that is the Vatican. I swear my dad is a good enough Catholic that he’s still protected from eternal damnation):

Okay, I think you get the idea. But don’t think there won’t be more where that came from. There are dozens of other photos waiting to be shared with the world.
When Cry Face first started getting big (and strangers began emailing me photos of their friends doing Cry Face), I started to think, hey, I could make a book of Cry Faces! It’s the kind of book that would be sold at Urban Outfitters, that customers would read and enjoy while waiting in line, but would never actually shell out the $14.95 to bring it home to put on their coffee tables. Thanks to Al Gore’s invention of the Internet, it is much easier to share Cry Face with the masses. My long-term goal? That you, you eventual millions of readers, will share your Cry Faces with Kathleen and me through this blog. Send us your best photos of you, your friends, your favorite celebrity, or your co-worker’s great-grandmother rocking the Cry Face. Extra points always go to large groups or those doing Cry Face in an inappropriate place (see Vatican, above). I swear, this thing’s going to change the world.

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