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iphone 3G is great for porn?

Oh girl, I’m so excited for iPhone 2.0. When the first iPhone came out, I considered duct taping my mac, iPod, camera and phone together so that I could have one too…alas, that did not work out. But now Apple is releasing 2.0 for only 200 bucks, and poor college students unemployed (well sort of) writers (read: bloggers) have a chance to look technologically fierce too! Think of all the amazing things I can do! Mapquest things, read about politics, donate online to charitable organizations–oh, and according to Time and most young males that think with the other brain, look at porn. It is, according to one source, “by far the porn-friendliest phone”. Oh hellllllllz yeah.

This is something I could not think of on my own. I needed Time.com to tell me. Apparently iPhone porn is up and coming. How do I feel about this? I’m not quite sure. But I know how some do. Here is the best quote from the article:

Blogger Jason Swifter has already imagined one such scenario. “I wish there was an application that allowed you to undress people by dragging your fingers across the screen and literally dragging it off,” he wrote on iPhonematters.com.

Jason, you sick, imaginative, creeper! Your mother must be so proud!

I wouldn’t use my iPhone for porn. Porn just isn’t my jam. James McAvoy is though–so I would stalk him as hardcore as a 13 year old stalks Zac Efron. Rawr! Alright, occasionally my friend and I have been known to stalk Zefron as well. But seriously, think of all the awkward situations that this new trend could bring. Would you risk it? I want answers.

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