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serena is on venus’ planet again.

It’s sports week at Six Words!

For those of you that have siblings, you know that there’s always a little competition. My brother and I compete on many levels, but it’s usually games like body spray wars (everyone loses because you smell disgusting) and who can tell the most outrageous stories (okay, he wins). Nothing we do or ever will do can come close to the competition between Venus and Serena Williams.

Today, Venus beat Serena in the singles finals at Wimbledon. That means they are number 1 and 2 in the world. Awesome. It is Venus’ fifth Wimbledon championship, but Serena has won two. These girls are wild. On top of being remarkable athletes, they both have degrees in fashion design. Williams sisters: 2. Kathleen: 0. Eeek.

Here is something I found to be interesting. Their mother, Oracene, was there to watch them play but their father, Richard, went home because he can’t handle seeing his daughters play each other. Um, okay. But if you’re going to raise the top two tennis players in the world, you should be used to it by now. Right? That just seemed a little strange to me.

On a side note, does anybody remember the movie Wimbledon? The very thought that a movie, starring Kirsten Dunst of all people, was about tennis and had her eventually winning Wimbledon is laughable. The movie was terrible, but upon some research, I learned that James McAvoy was in it! He’s everywhere (to me)! Let’s see how many posts I can reference him in before it gets too old.

McAvoy (rawr!) aside, I was trying to figure out which Williams sister I like best. I think I’m going to go with Venus, because she’s the oldest. And as an older sister myself, I know you must keep the younger sibs in check. Like maybe beating them at Wimbledon, showing them up in a cheesecake eating competition, or seeing who can hold on to the remote control longest.



Kirsten Dunst, neither an athlete nor a fashionista:

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iphone 3G is great for porn?

Oh girl, I’m so excited for iPhone 2.0. When the first iPhone came out, I considered duct taping my mac, iPod, camera and phone together so that I could have one too…alas, that did not work out. But now Apple is releasing 2.0 for only 200 bucks, and poor college students unemployed (well sort of) writers (read: bloggers) have a chance to look technologically fierce too! Think of all the amazing things I can do! Mapquest things, read about politics, donate online to charitable organizations–oh, and according to Time and most young males that think with the other brain, look at porn. It is, according to one source, “by far the porn-friendliest phone”. Oh hellllllllz yeah.

This is something I could not think of on my own. I needed Time.com to tell me. Apparently iPhone porn is up and coming. How do I feel about this? I’m not quite sure. But I know how some do. Here is the best quote from the article:

Blogger Jason Swifter has already imagined one such scenario. “I wish there was an application that allowed you to undress people by dragging your fingers across the screen and literally dragging it off,” he wrote on iPhonematters.com.

Jason, you sick, imaginative, creeper! Your mother must be so proud!

I wouldn’t use my iPhone for porn. Porn just isn’t my jam. James McAvoy is though–so I would stalk him as hardcore as a 13 year old stalks Zac Efron. Rawr! Alright, occasionally my friend and I have been known to stalk Zefron as well. But seriously, think of all the awkward situations that this new trend could bring. Would you risk it? I want answers.

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john mccain is no james mcavoy.

As a full time blogger (read: unemployed and uninsured, so going out into the real world poses a threat to my health. I could get hurt!), it is my responsibility to creep around the internet at 4 a.m. looking for inspiration.

I stumbled across a video about silly, ornery, old John McCain. Apparently, he called his wife a c-c-c-c-c-cunt. I have trouble even typing it. Did Cindy McCain do something so terrible? Nope. She jokingly told him that he was balding. Um, hello, J? When you’re 300 years old, you’re bound to bald. Here is what he said to her:

“At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.”

Wowie! So we know how he really feels. John and Cindy 4eva! I don’t particularly like Cindy McCain, but I would never call her that. I would call her a Stepford Wife, recipe-stealing, identity-stealing recovering drug addict, home-wrecking other woman, but never a cunt. That is NEVER okay. His excuse? He was tired. Um, fine. But as Wonkette pointed out, he’s going to be tired a lot if he becomes president.

The only time I have ever not been offended at all by the word was with James McAvoy and the infamous typewriter scene in Atonement. (Which incidentally, led to the infamous library scene. Rawr!) And even then, as he was typing, my mind kept wondering…Is he really going to type that? Looks like it, but they wouldn’t…oh no! OH MY GOD. HE DID! And for the record-James McAvoy, you can call me anything you’d like.

But I digress.

Barack gets called out for calling a reporter “sweetie”, which, he admits, is a bad habit. At least it’s a casual term of endearment. But nobody calls McCain out for being a complete cotton-headed-ninny-muggins (the worst insult among Santa’s elves, duh) to his wife. Why? I think this video does a really good job at explaining it:

What are your thoughts, you cunts? Did I say that? It’s late, I must be tired.

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