john mccain is no james mcavoy.

As a full time blogger (read: unemployed and uninsured, so going out into the real world poses a threat to my health. I could get hurt!), it is my responsibility to creep around the internet at 4 a.m. looking for inspiration.

I stumbled across a video about silly, ornery, old John McCain. Apparently, he called his wife a c-c-c-c-c-cunt. I have trouble even typing it. Did Cindy McCain do something so terrible? Nope. She jokingly told him that he was balding. Um, hello, J? When you’re 300 years old, you’re bound to bald. Here is what he said to her:

“At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.”

Wowie! So we know how he really feels. John and Cindy 4eva! I don’t particularly like Cindy McCain, but I would never call her that. I would call her a Stepford Wife, recipe-stealing, identity-stealing recovering drug addict, home-wrecking other woman, but never a cunt. That is NEVER okay. His excuse? He was tired. Um, fine. But as Wonkette pointed out, he’s going to be tired a lot if he becomes president.

The only time I have ever not been offended at all by the word was with James McAvoy and the infamous typewriter scene in Atonement. (Which incidentally, led to the infamous library scene. Rawr!) And even then, as he was typing, my mind kept wondering…Is he really going to type that? Looks like it, but they wouldn’t…oh no! OH MY GOD. HE DID! And for the record-James McAvoy, you can call me anything you’d like.

But I digress.

Barack gets called out for calling a reporter “sweetie”, which, he admits, is a bad habit. At least it’s a casual term of endearment. But nobody calls McCain out for being a complete cotton-headed-ninny-muggins (the worst insult among Santa’s elves, duh) to his wife. Why? I think this video does a really good job at explaining it:

What are your thoughts, you cunts? Did I say that? It’s late, I must be tired.

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12 responses to “john mccain is no james mcavoy.

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  3. drunkinarowboat

    um Kathleen, can we get married? I didn’t laugh out loud while reading this post. No, something beyond LOLing happened. (Ew, LOLing is a dirty word.) But um, my heart is glowing and I’m perspiring at work. Sweat on nose. Ju hysterical ya big cunt!

    ps: are you really unemployed? what does your mom think of blogging? my mom HATES it. you’d think i had become an indonesian sex slave or something that’s how upset she is. Perhaps this should not be a blog response, but a private email.
    When does one cross the line?

    pps: Elf shout-out=brilliance.

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  9. cubicleQT4U

    Well I hate to admit it but John McCain has been right about one thing. Cindy really is a cunt!

    “She was raised as the only child of her parents’ second marriages and grew up in affluent circumstances. (Dixie L. Burd, who is the daughter of Marguerite Smith through a prior relationship, is her half-sister, as is Kathleen Hensely Portalski, daughter of Jim Hensley and his first wife, Mary Jeanne Parks. Cindy McCain considers herself to be an only child and does not acknowledge that she has siblings.”

    Wow real family values there, lets just pretend they don’t exist!! Great idea Cindy.

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