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the things i liked this week.

Happy Friday, readership!

Oh, hello.  Me again.  Since the real job is getting in the way of my bloggy job, I’ve condensed a week’s worth of what I liked into one fabulous Friday post.  Does that work for you?  I sure hope so!

You all know how much I love stories about sci-fi weirdos (apparently the cool way to spell it now is SyFy.  Anybody else notice that the Sci-Fi Channel changed its spelling?).  Well, here’s a good one!  Computational linguistics expert d’Armond Speers spoke only Klingon to his son for the first three years of the boy’s life.  Ummm, WHAT?  He claims it was an experiment to see if his son would learn it like any normal human language in the early developmental stages.

He just confirmed what every child already knows– you are an experiment, and your parents are trying to corrupt you and make you as uncool as possible.

Here is the best quote from the article:

As for Speers, who still gets nostalgic when he recalls singing the Klingon lullaby “May the Empire Endure” with his son at bedtime, the experiment was a dud. His son is now in high school and doesn’t speak a word of Klingon.

Stay strong, young Speers!

Like any good yuppie bleeding-heart liberal, I have an iPhone.  We all know that there is an app for everything, but this new one is so hilarious and wonderful that I have to share it with you.  It’s totally politically nerdy, but it’s a bobble head guide to every single member of Congress.  Here is my favorite member of Congress:

Best 99 cents I’ve ever spent.  Download Bobble Rep.

Speaking of politics, lots of good stuff going on, eh? Lieberman sucks more than ever and the women’s movement took two steps back no thanks to Rep. Stupak.

I also remain perplexed as to how people can manipulate the messages of Christianity in light of healthcare reform.  To me, it seems that giving a little extra so our brothers and sisters will be able to be healthy and able to succeed in life is following that message.  Yet even the Christian right wing (like my girrrrrrl, Michele Bachman) has condemned it as communism, fascism, Marxism and any other ism you can imagine that probably doesn’t make sense.  Grrr.

Hey, speaking of Christianity– I know people are complaining about how early it’s coming, but sweet Jesus I love Christmastime.  And I love the new Gap ads!  Add being a Gap backup dancer to my bucketlist, right after being a Fanta Girl and a dancing iPod shadow.


In other news, Oprah is ending her show in 2011.  I’m not too upset about this.  She’s going to have her own TV station in 2011, and she’ll have 25 years of her show in syndication so I really don’t see the big deal.  They’ll still be enough of O’s wisdom to go around.

Oh, and just in time for a junky fastfood lunch:

But you know where you should really go?  Chipotle.

Okay, I think that’s it for now.  Miss me, because I miss you.

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iphone 3G is great for porn?

Oh girl, I’m so excited for iPhone 2.0. When the first iPhone came out, I considered duct taping my mac, iPod, camera and phone together so that I could have one too…alas, that did not work out. But now Apple is releasing 2.0 for only 200 bucks, and poor college students unemployed (well sort of) writers (read: bloggers) have a chance to look technologically fierce too! Think of all the amazing things I can do! Mapquest things, read about politics, donate online to charitable organizations–oh, and according to Time and most young males that think with the other brain, look at porn. It is, according to one source, “by far the porn-friendliest phone”. Oh hellllllllz yeah.

This is something I could not think of on my own. I needed Time.com to tell me. Apparently iPhone porn is up and coming. How do I feel about this? I’m not quite sure. But I know how some do. Here is the best quote from the article:

Blogger Jason Swifter has already imagined one such scenario. “I wish there was an application that allowed you to undress people by dragging your fingers across the screen and literally dragging it off,” he wrote on iPhonematters.com.

Jason, you sick, imaginative, creeper! Your mother must be so proud!

I wouldn’t use my iPhone for porn. Porn just isn’t my jam. James McAvoy is though–so I would stalk him as hardcore as a 13 year old stalks Zac Efron. Rawr! Alright, occasionally my friend and I have been known to stalk Zefron as well. But seriously, think of all the awkward situations that this new trend could bring. Would you risk it? I want answers.

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