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beards and live music. hi, heaven.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to watch a movie more than once (in my lifetime), unless I really like it. Movies that I’ve actually watched and enjoyed multiple times include Good Will Hunting, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Lizzie McGuire Movie…you know, the classics. Then this one time, back over a winter break in college when all I had to do was lie on my couch at home and get yelled at for eating too many pretzels (as opposed to now, when I go home for winter break and get yelled at for eating too many pretzels AND using too much profanity on my blog), I rented a movie called Once. I probably intended to watch it with my mom, and she probably fell asleep reading a magazine four minutes into the credits. The next day, when everyone was “at work,” and I was, you know, “figuring out what I wanted to do with my life,” I watched Once. And then I watched it again. And then I watched it a third time, this time with actor commentary.

As someone who doesn’t like to watch movies more than once, this was HUGE. I mean I watched the thing three times in a row! And it’s sort of kind of a musical, which is even huger because I almost always hate musicals! I promptly emailed all of my friends and insisted that they see this movie immediately.

Long story short, I really love Once, and the movie made me love Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. Tonight, I finally got to see them in concert, and they were spectacular, which is to say that both the performance and Glen’s beard were top notch. I mean, who doesn’t love a great ginger beard?

glen hansard


Anyway, tonight was lovely and I got to dress like a faux hipster (though SOME of my friends claim that maybe I looked like a full hipster, if one were to assume that my flowery J.Crew headband was ironic) and you guys should listen to this, because they played it well tonight:

To quote the Clancy Brothers, goodnight and joy be with you all.

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bright green, bacon, and born-again bloggers.

So I’ve been having a life/blog crisis. Here’s what’s up: I’ve been really busy this semester, as you may have guessed since I basically haven’t blogged since W. was president. I’m still pretty busy, but less overwhelmed by my busy-ness. I wanna get back to blogging.  Two of my friends at work have blogs, so we talk about them all the time. And my roommate will say things like, “Oh, did you hear about [insert weird news story here]? It’s the type of thing you guys would have blogged about.” PLUS, there are things in my life that happen that I feel the urge to tell about 200 friends and strangers. (Stats have been low lately, shocking.) The point is, I MISS BLOGGING.

I threw this idea out to Kathleen today, and she’s totally on board:

Me: i vote let’s start blogging again for real. i have a lil more time on my hands now, and i know you could use a break from job-applying and craigslist searching, and i miss it. LET’S DO IT GIRLFRIEND.

Kathleen: holler hey.  i like it.  FOR REAL. 

As you see, we are very important and articulate and passionate about our blogging. HOLD US TO IT.

Here’s an example of something that I feel the need to share with you, dear readers who still care about us: a few hours ago, I visited the site www.baconfreak.com (it’s, um, a long story?) and the following song lyrics came on, out loud, on my WORK COMPUTER, quite audibly, in my crowded office: “Just gimme my bacon…”

Then, a little bit later, I shadowed my officemate for a settlement conference. I didn’t know I’d be attending the conference, so I am wearing my basic business casual casual attire. Picture me, in a room full of 50-75 lawyers in suits, wearing bright green pants.  

 No, they weren’t quite that bright, and no, I was not wearing that wig. But still, it was awkward. Thanks J.Crew, you preppy assholes.

Ladies and gentlemen, if only for moments like these, I’m back.

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department of things that are unsurprising.

Kathleen and I are currently sitting next to each other on my couch, wearing matching J.Crew yoga pants, typing on our matching elitist white MacBooks, with our matching jaunty ponytails, watching The Daily Show and playing on the Internets. Could we BE any more DC right now? Or any more liberal? Or any more elitist? Maybe, but only if there was a life-size cutout of Barry sitting between us, wrapped in a down comforter.

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