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nothing like stone for the holidays.

A few months ago, I ordered myself a Rolling Stone subscription on some sketchy website using my super sweet student discount. I never saw an issue of the magazine, so I figured I had been scammed. Little did I know, the magazines were somehow coming to my home address, so there was a stockpile of them waiting when I arrived in Denver at 3 a.m. last night.

Flight delays are fun, huh? I checked into the airport in DC at 12:30 p.m. and arrived in Denver well over twelve hours later thanks to the clusterfuck that was the Boston airport. Not that I’m really complaining. I had Dave Egger’s What Is the What with me, which provided many hours of distraction along with the perspective check of, “Hey, waiting in a climate-controlled airport with plenty of food and water for half a day is not even remotely bad when compared to walking through the Sudanese desert for months, starving and half-naked.”

In general, I’m just glad I was able to get home last night and didn’t get stuck for a few days. (I’m also glad that I wasn’t in the position of these poor people on a flight out of Denver last night.) Plus, my luggage never left Boston, so I’ve been able to justify not leaving my couch because, you know, I don’t even have any CLOTHES to wear in public.

Which leads me back to my real point: I love Rolling Stone. For starters, I always feel pretty damn cool reading it, a la William Miller in Almost Famous. But I really, erm, read it for the articles. I started with the oldest magazine so I could read them in chronological order (OCD, people. OCD), so I’m back in mid-November reading articles about the election and the bailout. Naomi Klein’s article on the bailout made me veddy veddy angry, and Matt Taibbi’s roundup of his favorite moments on the campaign trail made me even happier to be an elitist liberal. Take this quote, for instance:

“The collapse of the Bush administration left the Republican Party utterly bankrupt of ideological advantage. The Bush era made it impossible to sell the party as fiscally conservative ($10 trillion deficit), militarily superior ($12 billion a month fighting a handful of Arabs in sandals to a blood draw), or even as the party of ‘moral values’ (a raft of Republicans caught offering to suck off strangers in restrooms or texting little boys on the Internet).”

Politically correct, Taibbi is not. But still, GO BARRY.

So if you need me over the next few days, you can find me on my couch, in my high school pajamas, weeping into a Rolling Stone as I watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

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cover shot: barack and rolling stone.

Well, folks, looks like our favorite hopeful candidate is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone this week (his second cover). And I must say, he’s looking good. Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal that the cover is headline-less. (The other famous wordless cover is that weird one of a naked John Lennon death-gripping Yoko with his thighs, which I’ve always found pretty creepy, even though a lot of people seem to like it.) So hey, congrats, Barack!

Rolling Stone doesn’t post the full article online, but I’ve been able to browse through some snippets of the interview with Obama, and I’m particularly excited to see that we Barack out to similar music: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, the Rolling Stones. Not too shabby.

In the piece I watched about this cover on The Today Show (and yes, this morning I also suffered through the awkward Today Show wedding), some analysts thought that a cover like this makes it too easy for Obama to be pigeonholed. But the Rolling Stone has always been openly political (and liberal), and has featured Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Howard Dean, and John Kerry on its covers throughout the years (along with Richard Nixon and W, but for slightly different reasons), so I don’t think Obama is making some kind of radical statement that people need to get freaked out about.

What I find a little more…unusual…than the Stones cover is the fact that Donatella Versace came out with a fashion line dedicated to and inspired by Hopey. Here’s what blog Highbrid Nation had to say:

In a move that has shocked both the political and fashion arenas, Donatella Versaceannounced that her Spring/Summer 2009 collection, which she presented in Milan on Saturday is dedicated entirely to presidential hopeful Barack Obama.  Versace said he the line represents “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.” Needless to say this has NEVER happened before…big pimpin’….

Bizarre, but pretty freakin’ cool, too. I don’t anticipate a McCain-inspired line of hair pieces, hearing aids, and Stepford wife arm accessories to be coming out anytime soon, so Obama’s got a leg up there. Take a look at the Donatella’s Baracouture:

Yellow mandals? Ouch.

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