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santa claus is coming to town!


I’ve never had any trouble believing in Santa but for the Scrooges out there Larry Silverberg, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, has conducted some research to further explain Santa’s magic.  His Christmas-spirit-lacking conclusion?  Advanced nanotechnology and an exploitation of the time space continuum help to explain some of Santa’s powers.

Silverberg says that Santa is exploiting the time space continuum when he makes his Christmas Eve voyage around the world.  A Christmas Eve voyage that actually lasts SIX Santa months.  Pardonnez moi?

“He understands that space stretches, he understands that you can stretch time, compress space and therefore he can, in a sense, actually have six Santa months to deliver the presents,” Silverberg told Reuters.

“In our reference frame it appears as though he does it in the wink of an eye and in fact there have been sightings of Santa, quick sightings, and that’s in our reference frame, but in Santa’s reference frame he really has six months”.

I suppose that makes it a little easier to believe (that is, if you didn’t already) that Santa can visit 200 million homes in just one night.  Silverberg said his research also indicates that Santa doesn’t carry all of the toys in his sleigh.  Instead, he grows the presents under the tree using nanotechnology or, more specifically, he turns irreversible therm0-dynamic properties into reversible ones to turn soot, candy and other natural materials into the presents.  Maybe that’s why we’re supposed to leave cookies for Santa.  Not because he’s so hungry (although now that we know it actually takes him six months the cookies make a little more sense) but because he uses them to grow our presents!

Some of Silverberg’s other research on Santa indicates that to determine whose naughty or nice, Santa uses giant antennas; the sleigh also has a GPS system of sorts and the reindeer are “genetically bred to fly, balance on rooftops and see in the dark.”

I still think Santa’s sleigh is fueled by Christmas Spirit and my biggest question remains, how does Santa eat all of those cookies and still fit through the chimneys?  Also, where does he vacation after Christmas?  I’d like to go there and buy him a drink.

If you’re still not convinced (you lousy non-believer, you) check out this picture from Iwasabducted.com  (a truly reliable source if ever there was one) of an unidentified flying object that looks eerily similar to Santa’s sleigh.

Honestly, do you need more proof than that?

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it’s christmastime! repeat the sounding joy!

Santa has made a visit to Herald Square, the tree in Rockefeller Center has been lit, my father and I have spent a full day yelling at each other while hanging the outside lights . . . it’s officially Christmastime!  The best part of Christmas is definitely the music and I have listened to nothing else since Thanksgiving.  Bing Crosby, Harry Connick Jr., U2, Elvis, The Irish Tenors, it’s  all so good! 

What’s funny about Christmas music is that there are maybe 30 songs in total but 700 versions of each song–and everyone prefers a different one!  In the spirit of Christmas let’s play a little game à la High Fidelity.  I’m requesting, dear readers, that you share your top five favorite Holiday songs with us.  Don’t be shy, this isn’t so much a window to your soul as “favorite books” or “desert island movies” might be, but a representation of your traditions so we can’t really judge you.  I’ll start . . .

1. Ave Maria (Luciano Pavarotti)

2. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Bruce, duh)

3. O Holy Night (Bing Crosby)

4. Baby Please Come Home (U2)

5.  When My Heart Finds Christmas (Harry Connick, Jr.)

I know that Ave Maria is not really a Christmas song.  I have five versions of Ave Maria on my iPod that I listen to year-round. However, that particular version reminds me of Christmas Eve and therefore gets a spot on the top five.  Okay, your turn!  While you’re thinking please enjoy this fabulous version of “Joy to the World” by Sufjan Stevens.  Unfortunately, I have to link to it; I tried every way possible to embed the song in the post but it just wasn’t working.  It’s worth taking the jump for though, I promise. 

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