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kate gosselin has a new hairdo!

Holy hairdo! Kate Gosselin’s got a new ‘do, and it’s…pretty:

Right? I mean, it’s all extensions, which freaks me out, but it’s DECIDEDLY better than the last styles she was rockin’. Apparently Kate also has a new man to go along with her long hair. Go Kate!, I think.

I’m still somewhat torn about all of this. It has been well-documented that I have¬†lurved J&K+8 for a while now, to the point of delusion about their “perfect” relationship (ahem), but I can’t help but think that they REALLY were happy for a while there.¬†At this point I feel bad for everyone involved, because I don’t think either Jon or Kate went into this with any malicious goals (or aspirations to ruin their own lives) in mind. It seems more realistic that their celebrity surprised them and then got out of control, as tends to happen with, oh, every celebrity.

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Jon and Kate crew, especially as long as the kids continue to look like this:

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