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tim burton’s ‘alice in wonderland’ photos!

It doesn’t come out until 2010, but people are so excited already. Tim Burton is going to take us through his demented, but creative, looking glass and give us his take on “Alice in Wonderland”. (Even the Disney version is trippy… I can only imagine what this is going to be like.) I’m going to give you one guess as to who is playing the Mad Hatter.

Johnny Depp, of course. And if you didn’t guess that, shame on you. Helena Bonham Carter will be playing the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway is the White Queen. The role of Alice will be played by Australian Mia Wasikowska, but let’s face it– Johnny Depp will steal the show. He just plays crazy a little too well. Some publicity photos were just released today. Check these out:

johnny depp mad hatter

red queen

white queen

Intense! What are your thoughts?

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