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newsflash! i found all the speedos!

Apparently, the International Olympic Committee has been hiding them in the diving well. And frankly, I think that’s unfair. Let me present my evidence. 

Exhibit A, Alexandre Despatie from Canada:

Don’t know why this says radical gay on the top, but ignore that:


Exbibit B, Chris Colwill from the U S of A:

Anyone else see a little Kevin Bacon in him?


And Exhibit C, Troy Dumais, who is also American:

I rest my case.

Of all the summer Olympic sports, I can’t say diving is my favorite. There’s a skeptical little voice inside my head that thinks, “Isn’t diving just a cop-out, less-hard version of gymnastics?” Not that I can so much as jump correctly off a diving board. Still, it’s fun to watch, even though the Chinese keep winning EVERY DIVING EVENT.

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