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kids will google the weirdest things!

One of the nerdier aspects of having a blog is that you can see which search terms people used to stumble across it. These, as you can imagine, are often hysterical and probably a little too entertaining. Here are a few from the past couple of days with my comments and best guess as to what it pulled up next to it. Please note the spelling and grammar.

“tru blood cellular specialist” Tru without the e? Gangsta. Click here.

“sucking katy perry’s boobies” I mean really, who hasn’t Googled this? Click here.

“silly old man” This can only mean one thing. John McCain. Click here, here, here, here or here.

“what does the olypic maskots look like” Answer: Pokemon. And based on the spelling, I’m guess the user is familiar with Pokemon. Click here.

“kevin bacon speedos” Rawr. Wouldn’t it be great if he had his own line of Speedos? Click here.

“super dance youtube sexxy” Uhhh… click here?

Oh, the things people will Google. I hope we don’t disappoint.

Still waiting on that Obama VP decision. Last minute guesses? I’m leaning towards Rep. Chet Edwards or Joe Biden… text me already, B!

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newsflash! i found all the speedos!

Apparently, the International Olympic Committee has been hiding them in the diving well. And frankly, I think that’s unfair. Let me present my evidence. 

Exhibit A, Alexandre Despatie from Canada:

Don’t know why this says radical gay on the top, but ignore that:


Exbibit B, Chris Colwill from the U S of A:

Anyone else see a little Kevin Bacon in him?


And Exhibit C, Troy Dumais, who is also American:

I rest my case.

Of all the summer Olympic sports, I can’t say diving is my favorite. There’s a skeptical little voice inside my head that thinks, “Isn’t diving just a cop-out, less-hard version of gymnastics?” Not that I can so much as jump correctly off a diving board. Still, it’s fun to watch, even though the Chinese keep winning EVERY DIVING EVENT.

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