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my new favorite blog (this week).

So for this past week, I’ve become addicted to a new (to me) blog: http://www.frkncngz.com. What does frkncngz mean? I have no idea. But what I do know is that this blog has all of these quotes and sometimes pictures that are either funny or emo or inspiring…all of my favorite things! I think I’ve spent at least an hour a day for the past week reading the archives, which I probably shouldn’t admit publicly. But whatever. Here are some of the ones that I love:

Wonderful, right?

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youtube clip of today: literal video.

Yeah yeah yeah, this was SO last week.  (Maybe you haven’t seen it?)  But here it is anyway!  It still makes me laugh, even though the second half is not nearly as funny as the first half.  Enjoy!

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