youtube clip of today: awww, christian!

I was the girl in the movie theater that laughed during Titanic. I usually don’t cry. Perhaps it’s the dramatic music throughout the clip (my apologies for that, I’ve tried to avoid this song since it was notoriously overplayed during summer 1998), or the message at the end (it’s true, I do love you…and apparently loves me), but this video brought a tear to my eye. I’ve often dreamed about something like this happening to me, but I’m usually in Narnia and dressed like a princess. Um, enjoy.

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5 responses to “youtube clip of today: awww, christian!

  1. MEH

    I am actively sobbing. There are tears running down my cheeks. I can only imagine what state Walsh is in right now.

    Off to cuddle with my dog and pretend he’s a lion (which he practically is) . . .

  2. Starmanda

    You know me wayyy too well. I am sitting here with my mother, I am heaving I am crying so hard.


  3. Mallory

    Um, yeah, I sobbed too. A lot. Each time I watched it. Where can I get a lion cub?

  4. justcallmepam

    hahaha…it was cute but i hope i wasn’t alone in thinking that the lion was still going to maul them. armageddon music be damned.

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