youtube clip of today: hog calling.

This literally leaves me speechless. But let’s commend Doris Probst for being the first woman ever to win the hog calling contest at the Illinois State Fair. Okay, now that’s out of the way. Wait, I’m STILL speechless.

[Posted by Kathleen]


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4 responses to “youtube clip of today: hog calling.

  1. Starmanda

    I am proud to be a resident of this state.

  2. I look forward to posting your entry in this prestigious competition as the Youtube clip of the day next year. Start practicing!

  3. Jenna Careen

    she IS the pig.
    why is she doing that? Is she hungry?
    I’d would be so embarassed if that were me. A really fat woman calling a pig.
    she’s so fat.
    holy macrel.
    and at the end, she says: “IMA PIGGG!”


  4. Simon Cross

    im simon cross
    i would like to appologize for the rude, bold and abrupt comment above.
    My step daughter, Jenna decided to be rude and thoughtless.
    She now knows the importance of cyber humiliation and bullying.
    I would liek to sincerly appologize to Doris Probst for any emotional causes from the post above.
    Thank-You, Simon Cross.

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