sarah palin is mccain’s vp choice.

Interesting choice McCain. Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska. And it’s so blatantly obvious that you’re fishing for Hilllllllz voters. But remember that sexism that Hillary faced? Yup. You’re going to alienate some of your base. Oh, and remember how you criticized Barack for being young and inexperienced? She hasn’t finished her first term as governor as Alaska. Hmmm. Is she ready to lead? Let the hypocrisy begin.

Okay, I chose a bad picture.

So she is kind of hot in that Tina Fey way. But Sarah Palin, I’d rather see Tina Fey in the White House than you. And Tina would never have those heinous bangs.

One last thought. If I were her, I’d be a little insulted. Because they don’t want her because of her, they chose her because she’s a woman and they’re aching to take away from Barack’s thunder.

UPDATED: Sarah Palin is under investigation for abuse of power. Click here to read the AP story.


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  1. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    one of my coworkers just commented, “maybe he wants Barack to win too.”

    enough said.

    p.s. the coverage of the DNC last night made it seem a little like a circus. though a bit over the top, Kathleen I am quite jealous you were there to witness history.

  2. Brent

    Oh my God… a governor was “under investigation”. Talk about lame smear tactics.

    Has there been any CONCLUSION from said investigation that showed she acted in some nefarious manner?

    Could it be that the initiation of said investigation was politically motivated?

    McCain just grabbed a good portion of Obama’s female vote, and that has the Democrats reacting in a way befitting schoolchildren.

  3. jane

    WRONG…… Can’t get a bad Picture of her!!!! She was an excellent pick and FINALLY we have a woman I would be proud to vote for. I do not believe in voting for someone simply because of race,gender,or nationality. But for the first time I AM PROUD that someone with such a flawless BIO is representing my gender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Madeline

    I heart the shift key.

  5. Emeka

    What an appalling terrible pick.For John Mccain to choose Sarah Appalling(oops) Palin, someone that is under investigation shows his decision making shortfalls.Wonder if for mockery is available?

  6. jane

    Hmmmm….. Last time I checked in this country we are innocent untill PROVEN guilty!!!!! Any disgruntled employee can make such accusations how about proving them!!! She has proven to blow the whistle even within her own party. She pledged to lower taxes and did so by 60% lets talk FACTS

  7. The fact is that she is under investigation. And the public has the right to know.

  8. jane

    And the public does know. The public also knows that Rezco was not only investigated he was CONVICTED and yet he bought a property and GAVE it to the democratic presidential nominee. But, this should not be addressed??????

  9. I’m pretty sure Fox News has done a good job with that. And if they’re the only ones covering it, that should say something. That being said, no candidate, even my beloved Barack, should be in the public eye without being vetted by the people and the press. So let’s just all accept the fact that the investigation of Sarah Palin needs to be part of the national dialogue.

  10. jane

    Just heard Palin’s acceptance speech can’t wait to see her debate Biden! I already knew that Obama wouldn’t stand a chance against McCain. He is an excellent speaker and we know that he had an excellent education to prepare him. However, it is obvious that when you speak from the heart you do better in debates or unplanned interviews. Obama should get into hollywood after listening to him and the accolades he has given to his mother (who did not raise him) he was raised by a “typical white woman” (his grandmother) who did not have the ability to ignore her own prejudices for the love of her grandson. If I were Obama I would also feel more comfort in an all black church and feel connected to a Reverend Wright. Truth is…….. I do not believe he has AMERICAS interest at heart and he will create a divide between the races which has almost disappeared. What a crime it would be to step back in time!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jane, please take your seeds of racism and plant them elsewhere.

  12. jane

    I am not a racist. I have quoted Barack Obama and I stongly feel that he is a racist as he has a history of belonging to what he has called a “black church” I would NEVER sit nor attend ANY church which is coined “white” black” or any other color. I attend church for peace and harmony as I, nor does ANY living being KNOW the race,creed or color of our maker. We are all the same and I believe in my heart that untill a month ago Barack Obama was a practicing racist. Please show me evidence that he stood for all of America not just his father’s race. As I believe he was raised by a prejudice woman (his grandmother) and her “seeds” planted in him are deep within his core. It does not mean I am a racist to believe that someone else is. I have zero tolerance for racism.

  13. Madeline

    Wow. She must be serious–there isn’t a single overzealous exclamation point to be found in that post.

  14. 80,000 people came to see Barack last night and millions of Americans watched. I have never seen so much diversity. And they weren’t all “his father’s race”. Jane, just leave.

  15. Grace

    How can you make the argument that Obama is not ready to lead, when your VP only has a year and a half of experience

    She is a terrible selection. McSame accused Obama of having too little experience…then picks her as a VP? 08 Republicans are pathetic.

    If it wasn’t apparent before, it’s now solidified that the McCain Campaign and the GOP will use any gimmick available.

  16. Veronica

    I think it is a joke that McCain thinks he can fool Hilary’s women voters to vote for him because he picked Palin as his VP. Voters of Hilary are much smarted then he thought, I for one am a Fan of Hilary Clinton, I believe Clinton to be an extraordinary woman of her own merit, and has many experience in the WHITE HOUSE.

    I am still NOT voting for McCain just because he has a woman as his VP, thinking I can just EASILY replace my adoration of Hilary to another woman, who’s beliefs are actually apposite of Hilary’s.

    As I look up to Hilary as an inspirational to all women in America, we must understand that she EARNED THIS MERIT! SHE WORKED HARD FOR HER LEGACY, therefore to EASILY just hand the torch to ANOTHER WOMEN who was PICKED because of motives behind political agenda would be a mockery to Hilary. This would not honor Hilary Clinton.

    Clinton’s beliefs and values, and her hard fight for American People are similar to Obama’s. Hilary is not defeated though the race is over for her, but all the things she fought for like health care, equal rights, education, will be defeated completely if we pick McCain.

    Warning for all the women : with Palin anti-abortion stance. They will be running towards a woman who wants to take your rights away.

  17. enuffzinuff


    Obama has addressed race better than ANY presidential candidate ever has. go to youtube and do a search for Obama’s speech on race. it’s probably the most eloquent speech on race given in over 44 years. the things you are saying merely prove that you are not educated in today’s politics and social mores.

    you might not sound “racist”, but you do sound ignorant.

  18. lucas

    ready for president

    “Wasilla is part of the Anchorage, Alaska Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2000 census, its population was 5,470. The 2005 estimate gives it a population of 8,471,[1] making it the largest community in the borough.”

  19. Desirey Ca.

    McCain thinks women are naive and will only vote for a woman. Sarah Palin ain’t Hillary Clinton!

    same gender as Hillary – check; but her relationship with big oil makes her the political antithesis. Hillary supporters aren’t that dumb..

    I am a registered Democrat and a Hillary supporter who was undecided. I am no longer undecided. I will absolutely be voting for Obama!

  20. Ruth

    Selecting Palin to be VP was not a well thought out decision just a stupid, juvenile response to a political situation McCain’s campaign people obviously do not understand. Just because she is a woman doesn’t mean women are going to vote for McCain. Ideas DO matter. SUBSTANCE MATTERS. How can she really be taken seriously after only having a year and a half experience as a governor? How can we be persuaded to believe that a real total unknown and inexperienced novice can easily step into the presidency if anything should happen to grumpy grandpa? McCain’s own word is biting him up his butt! 18 million crack are NOT STUPID! Vote for McCain, is a mockery to Hilary, and the things she stands for. My vote is for Obama and Biden.

  21. DNK

    Did he really pick a pageant queen to be his VP? I don’t get it. He has a trophy wife now he a token VP. He just lost my vote.

  22. Barbara

    McCain and his staff are verging on the edge of just plain dumb. Picking this inexperienced woman was a horrible decision. I am a Republican but no way do I believe in or would I put my confidence in this woman to lead this country if something should happen to the elderly McCain. Stupid Stupid Stupid Republican Party. It takes more than being a first term governor and ex-mayor to run this country. What was McCain thinking. Thinking with his nether regions I guess.

  23. Madeline

    Her intelligence is really overwhelming in this interview:

    Specifically around 2:50.

    That’s not scary, not scary at all. Whenever somebody finally explains to her what exactly the VP does, they may also want to explain what the president does. Just to be safe . . .

  24. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma


    really? REALLY NOW?? Come on. You’re a moron.

    You stated, and I quote, “he was raised by a “typical white woman” (his grandmother) who did not have the ability to ignore her own prejudices for the love of her grandson” (which therefore proves you are racist) and then “As I believe he was raised by a prejudice woman (his grandmother) and her “seeds” planted in him are deep within his core.” Sooo, what you’re saying is, his white grandmother who raised him is prejudice against blacks and ‘planted her seeds’ of prejudice in him?

    …ergo, he would be prejudice against blacks?

    you are a racist moron.

    As for McCain’s decision. Thank you. As one of my coworker’s put it, “Maybe McCain wants Obama to win too.”

  25. Klemn

    I can’t wait until she debates Biden either. The only question will be how small to make the pieces when he rips her apart. She sounds a great deal like a female version of Dick Cheney. Maybe she will shoot Biden in the face.

  26. jane

    Short Plump, I was quoting his speech when he addressed this nation about his connection to reverend Wright HE USED the term “typical white woman” HE claimed SHE was frightened of “BLACK MEN” and THAT is why he described her as “typical white”. I believe that if an innocent child (which he was) was raised by a woman who was so ignorant to be frightened by or even preached a difference to the very race that her grandchild is, then SHE is responsible for his “confusion” to where he belonged and his NEED to seek Reverend Wright and his “Black Church” reverend.Tthese are not my words these are the words of Your Beloved Barack Obama. As a matter of fact he also stated that Reverend Wright’s speech “Audacity of Hope” was so inspiring that tears rolled down his face because for the first time he felt that he “belonged”. This is also where he got the title for his book. He also admitted to indulge heavily into drugs because he felt that he did not “belong” Whose fault is that?????? Societies? No, it was his mother’s for leaving him to live with his grandparents who could not accept him because he was interracial. This is not his fault. However, his grandmother is not (in his own words) “a typical white woman” because a typical (anykind of woman) would embrace her grandson (as his own mother should have) and learn about the culture (because he was black) she should have embraced both races and given him a sense of pride and he would not have had to abuse drugs and seek all black churches (again the term “black church” is his own terminology. Personally, I never heard of a church being referred to as all black or all white my church has all races. We have religion in common and that is it!

  27. Americadesrvesbetter

    Ridiculous choice from a pragmatic Capitol Hill perspective. Speaking as a life-long Republican, she brings *nothing* to the table apart from perhaps her gender as a poor replacement for Hillary-voters; and there’s not a thinking person in the country who will be able to look at her as a possible President and Commander-in-Chief — as is the unfortunate reality for anyone McCain picked as his second. Statistically speaking, given his age and health issues, McCain is the most likely person of the last several decades to, God forbid, possible pass-away in office. Unemotionally, that’s a real possibility when it comes to picking the Leader of the Free World and as such, McCain would have done the country a much better service to have picked someone like Mitt Romney, or Tom Ridge, or even better from a female-voter perspective, Condi Rice. Condi’s background and in-the-trenches experience would’ve made possibly a terrific President, if the need came for it.

    **As a Republican through and through, and a retired Brig General, I weep for the GOP’s prospects, and after hearing Obama’s speech and knowing Biden, I cringe at the fact that I’ll be voting for the Dems for the first time ever this election — but hopefully the last time. If Obama can surround himself with the best people for the job — as he’s shown with Biden — and also bring Republicans into his Cabinet, then maybe this country will be able to turn itself around. I still can’t believe McCain is pandering to “pop culture” and not thinking with his head on Palin. Shows he’s more out of touch than I thought.

  28. jane

    America deserves better, Really? I believe that Condi would have been an excellent choice but they would have never won the election. This country wants a change and is very much against this administration (isn’t that how Carter got in). I think Palin has proven that she is a natural and a very quick learner. She has lowered realestate taxes by 60% and took a pay cut for herself. She has gone up against people in her own party when she felt that they were unethical. Forcing them to resign and pay a fine. She was a councilwoman,Mayor twice and Governor for 2 years she has an 80-90% approval rating in Alaska. She is not running for president she is a VP and will probably spin circles around thedemocratic presidential candidate in just one year. Come on, McCain is 72 years old, not quite on his deathbed look at his mother. Quite frankly none of us have a contract on life. She could very well die before Mc Cain. Palin is the real change that this country wants as there is no baggage, no connections to anything in question and she has dared to go against MEN in her own political party to unveil their deception.This was not for brownie points but to defend ethics.

  29. Americadesrvesbetter

    She has 6 years as a mayor of a puddock town of 5500 people. She has 1 and 1/2 years as Governor. A bachelors degree in Journalism.

    Obama was an Illinois State Senator for 8 years. He was elected to the U.S. Senate in Nov. 2004, that’s quite a bit longer 2 years.

    I agree with DNK ,McCain has a trophy wife, now he has a trophy V.P. .

    All McCain has done is undercut his chief argument — lack of experience — by selecting a VP with less experience than Obama. WHY? In the transparent hope that Hillary’s female supporters will decide based on a conservative woman being on the undercard of the Republican ticket. Highly unlikely to win significant votes in the states that count (about 4-5 of them).

    What a STUPID transparent attempt to get the Clinton backers. He should be focusing on the base. I know I’m not at all happy about it. Why would the Clinton crowd switch sides? Because she’s a woman? What do they think the Clinton voters would see in Palin that will make them switch SIEDS AND VOTE FOR A Republican? At least before we could have gone after Obama on lack of experience, kiss that angle goodbye!
    Plus, I’m betting that Biden eats her alive in the VP debate.

  30. Robert

    Picked a woman. Typical. Anything to try to scrape up some support. At least he could have picked one with “some” experience.

    I think that this pick just goes to show America that McCain will do anything to win! He is an opportunist and a user!

    Pali is Younger the Obama, less experience then Obama ..what happens to sound judgement and years of experience John McCain? HYPOCRACY

  31. Erin

    wow-democrats really do whine and cry like babies. Who’s a hypocrite? Obama IS young and inexperienced and full of ca ca w/ his idealistic UNrealistic bantor. Wow. You’re actually talking about a way the woman wears her hair like THAT’s important. Grow up. The race is over. And you’re right- Obama’s thunder was stolen by the better candidate. Sucks for all you al Qaeda supporters.

  32. Desirey Ca

    Seriously.. She is married to Todd Palin, an oil production operator on Alaska’s North Slope.. Talk about McCain saying he wants to wrangle in Big Oil.. She is tied to Big Oil.. Don’t be fooled by the fact msn and cnn are saying he is a “commercial fisherman” … She is a former beauty pageant loser. She said she used to smoke marijuana when it was legal in Alaska from 1975-2001.. So she smoked probably from anytime between 1975-2001.. OR as she puts it, she used to smoke pot when it was legal. As of November 2003 it IS legal to own and use less than 4 ounces of marijuana.. So she has some explaining to do about her pot use.

    I hope this pick doesn’t sway the Hillary voters who are mad at Obama.. She is Pro-Life and Hilary is Pro-Choice. She is a gut toting, man hating pot smoker. She doesn’t have much in common with Hillary except the fact she is a woman. McCain is grasping at straws and should have picked someone with EXPERIANCE!!!

  33. jane

    I look forward to the debate. And I am betting on her, but your thoughts are interesting however, she is too conservative to pick up true Hillary voters male or female. My personal view is that she isn’t going to march to anybody’s drumbeat and I like that alot. Hillary has swayed too many times. But thank you for not accusing me of being a racist as the rest of this crowd has. A good honest debate on the facts is what you fought for isn’t it Brig General?

  34. seth

    This is a total act of desperation from McCain…

  35. McCain is trying to grab all the women who “voted vigina” in the primaries. Hopefully American women aren’t too stupid to vote for this Nazi but I doubt it. The blacks are all voting for Obama (and so am I) so that goes to prove that it isn’t just the issues that are driving our electorial choices.

  36. ANNE

    She is undeniably intelligent and photogenic. Still, there is nothing that would induce me to vote for John McCain. During the course of this campaign, his behavior has diminished his status as an elder statesman. There is also no denying that his picking Palin is a blatantly transparent attempt to draw disenchanted Hillary supporters.

    Sarah Palin mirrors his own reactionary views, and it would be a mistake for any woman to assume that another human with the same genitalia automatically has her interests at heart.

    McCain has talked about overturning Roe vs. Wade, and has also selected someone with connections to big oil. I reserve judgment on the investigation in the absence of further information, but if I had found that out, she wouldn’t have been my choice.

  37. Americaderservesbetter

    Accusing someone of racist is a serious business. Therefore I do not like to accuse anyone of being a racist, unless their actions confirms it.

    Racism is a global phenomenon which is influenced by a range of historical, social, political and economic factors. It takes different forms in different contexts and as a result has been defined in many different ways.

    Racism stems from ignorance — ignorance can manifest itself in discrimination, intolerance, fear, hate, and even violence.

    The key is to be open minded, being open minded
    leads to a better understanding of how to pull down the walls.

    Obama’s speech hit a nerve, one some readers don’t want to hit. Yes, there is a similarity between the ignorance of the pastor’s hate speech and the grandmothers racial begotry. I grew up in that era.
    Obama showed great understanding of these subtleties and called for all sides to acknowledge the history that led to it, NONE of us are perfect, we have friends and family who said bad things….Barack condemned them strongly because it stops us from making a progress for a better world.

    The challenge to America now is how to lead the world by example about how we handle differences–that we know the difference between the real things that divide us, such terrorism and social systems, liberty and democracy, versus the things that ought not divide us – like the color of our skin, culture, and traditions and how we react to it.

  38. Mark

    The choice of VP is a presidential candidates first opportunity to demonstrate his executive decision-making abilitiy to the voting public. With that being said, McCain will lose votes and the elction partly because of this choice.

    By the way if McCain argues that Barak is too inexperienced to be president, he better be prepared to explain how Sarah Palin is ready to step up when he passes away. Seriously, he has just raised the bar on the question of his age as a factor. Before this it was just a punchline to a joke, now it’s something to be considered.

  39. John Texas

    Sara Palin grew up in Wasilla and went to college in Idaho. I know that Idaho is cosmopolitan compared to Wasilla, Alaska, but I don’t think that gives her a worldview.

    She has been governor of Alaska. There are 17 cities in the US with bigger populations than Alaska. The President of Harvard oversees an endowment that is six times bigger than Alaska’s budget.

    If she is the second best choice the Republican’s can offer, the party is hurting. I am embarrassed.

  40. Ruth

    What a great presidential judgment of McCain, choosing a VP, that he’d met ONLY ONCE!
    Giving her the responsibility to be a commander in chief should the oldest candidate ever seeking a first term in office be unable to complete his term.




    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

    I’ll take clear, sound judgment over experience if McCain stands for experience!

  41. Joseph

    I am an Arizona Independent that used to be Republican, a veteran Marine and apart of the middle class. Shame on you John McCain. Not only do you try to ride on your unfortunate time as a POW to get sympathy votes for your service, which is a disgrace, but you have now insulted the intelligence of the mothers, daughters, wives, and sisters of this nation. How dare you assume that they would be so, as you call it, “naive” to what you are doing. You didn’t even choose a woman with credentials. You went and found what you consider a clean choice so that they wouldn’t see what you are up to. Well fortunately for them (Women of this nation) we are in the information age. There are already hits on YOUTUBE showing that this young lady doesn’t even know what the responsibilities are for the office of which you are trying to appoint her. I don’t blame her. She is just trying to do the right thing. But you using the women of this nation as a pawn is disrespectful and you should be ashamed. You are going to “use” her for your own purpose” and spit her out. It is unfortunate. You are a perfect example of what we don’t need for this country. You only put your interests first. Not America. Well this Marine won’t be falling it. I have little girls and they are much smarter than you make women out to be. FOR SHAME!!!!!! You will see that they are cunning and will see right through your BUSH-IT!!!

  42. Margarett Fl.

    John McCain’s and idiot or maybe I should say he thinks all women are idiots and interchangable. I am a 43 year old single Mom living in the state of Florida and a Hillary supporter. McCain’s choice for VP was so transparent it’s not even funny. The stunt he pulled today to try to get my vote as a woman and a Clinton supporter is down right insulting. How could he insult womens intelligence that way, thinking that any woman on any ticket no matter what there parties platform is would make the weak minded, bubble headed women in this country will run out and place there vote for her. Well, it’s not going to work, other then us both being mothers and women, we have absolutely NOTHING else in common and the sex of the VP candidate is not enough for me to throw my support. The Democratic agenda does align with my beliefs and after Obama’s speech last night, I realized the issues that I was looking to Hillary for Obama cares about them as well. So, my vote is now going to Obama.

  43. Toni

    Are you kidding..YES he not only lost the election, he lost HIS MIND! Out of 10 well qualified people he picks someone he met only ONE TIME and a couple of phone calls(2)..It is crazy to put this crazy old man as the U.S. president knowing this is how he makes decisions. He is 72 years old for goodness sake, and he’s going to hand the responsiblity to this 44 year old woman , who is younger and have less experience then Hillary, and Obama. Big deal Palin is a governor of Alaska for less then 2 years with a population of 670,000, Chicago alone has 3 million people! This that does not qualify her to be a heart beat away of being the president of the US responsible for millions of people with no experience in foreign, domestic, international policies!! This is a mockery for the republican representatives they deserve so much better. McCain think that they can subtitute Hillary for this woman without the qualifications he just let his party down BIG TIME!

    McCaine american women who voted for Hillary are not stupid they will not vote for you, just because you have a woman in your ticket! A woman who is so pro life that even if a woman was pregnant because she was a victim of rape or incest will NOT HAVE A CHOICE, Palin is opposite of Hillary and what Hillary fought for. Men with common sense will not vote for you knowing you are feeble and had fought cancer 4 times, and with a health that is declining, knowing that the person next on line is someone who has no opinions of the war in Iraq, and have no intrest in foreign policy! She will basically just a puppet that republican will use, since she herself does not even know what VP does, let alone be ready to be a commander of this country, I can see it now, other countries LAUGHING THEIR A S S OFF ON THIS ONE, WE ARE A JOKE if we VOTE for McCain who’s instinct and sound judgment is OUT OF TOUCH .

    Atleast Obama had guts enough to pick a VP who is far off more qualifird then him when it comes to foreign policies, with Obama’s sound judgment and the vision of change and the experience of Biden well balance each other to restore this country once again so we can proudly walk with our heads up!

  44. dem#1

    John McCain knows that America deserves a hottie for VP.

  45. Ditzykid

    I just found this site……… and am glad I did…

    McCain has based his entire campaign on how “inexperienced” Obama is…… and then picks a woman who has absolutely NO foreign relations experience (she doesn’t even know the names of some of the world leaders that we have to deal with)….. NO experience with dealing with our Armed Forces….. NO national experience at all…….. and out of ALL the Republicans, thinks she is best suited to be President should something happen to him…..( and that’s not a stretch, being in his 70’s and having had cancer four times)…..

    Obama realizes that he is short on foreign affairs experience, so he chose a VP who has that as one of his greatest strengths….

    McCain stated in December, 2007, that he doesn’t understand economics as much as he should (one of our biggest problems)… so he chooses a woman who sold the state plane on eBay………

    I saw on a news program today that he really wanted to pick Lieberman, but party big whigs had a fit….. so he showed them…….. he chose a woman that is probably the most inexperienced person in the Republican party to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency….

    That’s his problem…. he acts without thinking….

    He said he picked her because she fought corruption in Alaska… and yet…. she’s right in the middle of a state investigation for corruption and abuse of power…

    But then…. McCain was investigated by the Senate ethics committee…… Remember the savings and loans disaster??? And John Keating????? McCain was one of the Keating five……… so having a running mate that is being investigated would feel right at home for him….

    He can’t use the “inexperience” argument any more……. and if he does, he’ll look like an idiot…

    He thinks this will win all of the Hillary supporters….. all he’s done is make women feel “patronized”…

    I think all of this is going to come back and bite him in the butt…..

    My favorite comment I saw….. (and I don’t think it was here… but may have been)…. is…

    “He must want Obama to win too!”

  46. Bo

    Gov. Palin is certainly as experienced and able as Dubya and if necessary will undoubtedly do a better job as President–she’s not the problem–McCain is. I’m a lifelong democrat/gunowner who has been unable to support any democrat/politician who doesn’t trust me to own a firearm. Until this election, I had great respect for Senator McCain for many reasons, but his positioning to win this election has squandered his reputation as a “straight talker” and “maverick” . Both candidates for the Presidency have now shown themselves to be ugh! “polticians”, but I can support Obama because he doesn’t hate me (or you, or anyone) for disagreeing with him and this countries politicians must learn how to work together to solve this countries many problems.

  47. Desirey

    Bo, if you clearly heard Obama on Gun Control then you should know that what he said makes alot of sense.

    Barack Obama said on an interview with Gibson on NBC ““I have never favored an all-out ban on handguns. What I think we can provide is COMMON-SENSE approaches to the ISSUE OF ILLEGAL GUNS THAT ARE ENDING UP ON THE STREETS.” he believes the Constitution protects YOUR rights to own guns as long as you take the right procedures.

    To me this makes alot of sense! I want to keep guns AWAY FROM THOSE who are mentally not stable and who will abuse their powers! COMMON SENSE is what Barack approach, what I don’t understand is that people is over exagerating this into “he’s anti gun” well guess what, the only person who is very easily to pull the trigger is McCain picking Sara Palin who lack experience and has too much drama just for the sake of pandering for women’s vote!

  48. Bo

    Yes, Desirey, I’ve heard what Obama has said about gun ownership, and it’s a step–as I’ve said–he’s not against something just because the Republicans are for something. You shouldn’t be against Sarah Palin because McCain is for her–whatever his reasons–you need to know more about her. McCain may be pandering to women, but you must admit this choice is his only chance at being elected. It’s a huge gamble–one that will win or lose the election, and I have no desire to have a gambler like that with his finger on the nuclear trigger. I don’t trust his judgement, or , more acurately, I don’t trust the way he makes decisions.

  49. Desirey

    Bo, I am not against Sara Palin, just because she is in McCains VP ticket and quite frankly women who are excited about having a woman as a VP should also think twice voting for her just because of her sex.. I don’t personally know her, goodness sake Nationally american people don’t know her except for ALASKANS.

    But as a woman and a proud Hillary supporter, the more I get to know Palin, the more I feel that her beliefs and what she stands for quite frankly does not fit to my views. I don’t believe in abortion let me clear that up! But I also believe America as country who stands for freedom and democracy should not take away the women’s right to choose.

    Paline views are to an extreme no abortion even if raped or incest, I have a sister who goes to college in Hawaii, if a horrific incident where she got raped God forbid this would ever happen, then have no option but to keep the baby who will be a reminder of that horrible nightmare the rest of her life, or what about incest or birth defects or health issue,did Palin thought of all the IF’S Circumstances? THIS IS A PERSONAL CHOICE, NOT A NATIONAL! Just like Palin’s daughter is HANDS OFF it is a family issue NOT ours, but then again you can’t help but to wonder, what did Sara think would happen knowing if she takes the VP slot she will be judge or scrutnize.

    Hillary and Obama had their equal times to be judge and tested, as well as McCain, but we americans voted who we wanted 19 million voted for Obama, so 19 million are responsible for him if he becomes the president. So who to say Palin is hands off?..You see it is more critical for McCain to vote someone who will be ready because of his age, but by this choice of his proves he did not put America first, he put himself first, he wants deperately to be a president, even if it HIS OWN WORDS BITING HIM ON HIS BUTT or through GIMMICK!

    America right now is in a bad shape, lets not add any more problems, other countries are looking at us closely right now, and the leaders we pick to represent this country is very very important, George Bush did not represent this country as best as he could of, Now it is the time to unite this country for the better, and I truly believe Obama and Biden are the best choice we have , Biden with his expertise in national and foreign he is able to talk and negotiate with our allies, and economy Obama has a clear vision and plans on how we get get back right on track, no more free rides for the rich p hungry greedy corrupt people in the white house and in the oil field. We can not take 4 more years of just 10% chance that things will change with McCain, especially when he failed the test on picking the second on command! He’s motto “COUNTRY FIRST”, well people lets put our country First and truly vote for the best person to represent this country and who can handle our economic issue the best! It is why I am voting for Obama and Biden.

  50. Paul

    OMG ! Just found out that Sara Palin just got her pass port in 2007! Now she’s a heart beat away from the presidency! Can she really handle all the issue that Cheney is going to pass over to her, all the responsibility of a VP is as challenging as the President! America lets get real, McCain is out of his mind picking her as the VP, I must be having a night mare and I can’t wake up! Our country is hanging on a thin rope and Americans is willing to even consider McCain and Palin as the best people to take control of this rope! Are the people in this country going insane?!!!!

  51. Ditzykid

    There are a lot of scary things about this woman……

    She has absolutely NO foreign relations experience…….. so what is their comeback??? Alaska is near Russia, so she understands all about foreign relations….?????? She never even had a passport until last year……… With all the global tensions in our world right now…….I think we need someone with a tad more experience……… and someone who at least knows the names of the most prominent world leaders…..

    They keep saying she has more “executive” experience than any of the candidates, including McCain…. and actually listed “she was president of the PTA”……..

    Her husband was a registered member of Alaska’s Independent party……. whose main goal was to secede from the Union……. she attended conventions for the Independent party……

    She is the only candidate who wants to drill in the preserve area……. gee…. guess what her husband does??? Works in the oil industry……..just what we need… another leader connected to oil……..

    They keep saying that she’s intelligent, and can learn the job…….. I don’t think I want a president (not far fetched considering McCain’s age and health history)… who is involved in “on the job training”….

    I was so upset listening to Fred Thompson last night, that I had to turn it off…. They’re trying to project McCain as a man of “character”…. He has the morals of a rock…. started dating his first trophy wife while she was engaged to someone else….. When he came home for Nam… to find his “trophy wife” had been mangled in a car accident, he started cheating on her… (his first wife said “I needed him to be 40, but he wanted to be 25” ) and “fell in love” with Cindy while he was still married…. divorced his wife, and married Cindy one month later…… I’m not sure how this was supposed to help McCain, but Thompson told about how he drove around in a Corvette and dated an “exotic” dancer????? And let’s not forget the Keating savings and loan disaster, and how John McCain was one of the Keating Five……

    Thompson emphasized the fact that during the five years of being a POW, they *never broke his spirit*…. Signing confessions to war crimes he never committed and then trying to commit suicide would constitute a broken spirit in my book…….. Don’t get me wrong… I give the man tremendous credit for enduring what he had to endure…. but don’t paint him as a “saint”.

    Then Lieberman spoke……. I didn’t watch the speech, but watched analysts on the various news stations. He sang the praises of Palin…….. but in fact…. had met her for the first time…… YESTERDAY, So he’s just a puppet for the Republican party……..

    I just hope people can see through the lies and hypocrisy

  52. Ditzykid

    There are a lot of scary things about this woman…

    She has absolutely NO foreign relations experience…….. so what is their comeback??? Alaska is near Russia, so she understands all about foreign relations….?????? She never even had a passport until last year……… With all the global tensions in our world right now…….I think we need someone with a tad more experience……… and someone who at least knows the names of the most prominent world leaders…..

    They keep saying she has more “executive” experience than any of the candidates, including McCain…. and actually listed “she was president of the PTA”……..

    Her husband was a registered member of Alaska’s Independent party……. whose main goal was to secede from the Union……. she attended conventions for the Independent party……

    She is the only candidate who wants to drill in the preserve area……. gee…. guess what her husband does??? Works in the oil industry……..just what we need… another leader connected to oil……..

    They keep saying that she’s intelligent, and can learn the job…….. I don’t think I want a president (not far fetched considering McCain’s age and health history)… who is involved in “on the job training”….

    I was so upset listening to Fred Thompson last night, that I had to turn it off…. They’re trying to project McCain as a man of “character”…. He has the morals of a rock…. started dating his first trophy wife while she was engaged to someone else….. When he came home for Nam… to find his “trophy wife” had been mangled in a car accident, he started cheating on her… (his first wife said “I needed him to be 40, but he wanted to be 25” ) and “fell in love” with Cindy while he was still married…. divorced his wife, and married Cindy one month later…… I’m not sure how this was supposed to help McCain, but Thompson told about how he drove around in a Corvette and dated an “exotic” dancer????? And let’s not forget the Keating savings and loan disaster, and how John McCain was one of the Keating Five……

    Thompson emphasized the fact that during the five years of being a POW, they *never broke his spirit*…. Signing confessions to war crimes he never committed and then trying to commit suicide would constitute a broken spirit in my book…….. Don’t get me wrong… I give the man tremendous credit for enduring what he had to endure…. but don’t paint him as a “saint”.

    Then Lieberman spoke……. I didn’t watch the speech, but watched analysts on the various news stations. He sang the praises of Palin…….. but in fact…. had met her for the first time…… YESTERDAY, So he’s just a puppet for the Republican party……..

    I just hope people can see through the lies and hypocrisy

  53. Urock

    Talk about hypocrisy-in Alaska they call it abstinence in Wisconsin we call it “statutory rape”

    Obviously she doesnt believe in sex education-Cindy Mc Cain doesnt even buy into Palin beliefs – why should we the American pee-ons

    Vote Obama!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Desirey

    This is a clear indication that McSame and Palin is a 3rd WBush term, I have to agree with Barack and Al Gore drilling is not the answer, finding new energy sources is.

    Switching to 100% clean, renewable electricity within 10 years the same amount of time will see the result of drilling oil in Alaska!

    I cannot see how anyone who has children would want someone like McCain as their president. His views on the environment will just make our children sick. Asthma, cancer, autism, … all with strong environmental links are rising and occurring earlier and earlier.

    More children are being drugged for ADD. It’s not just our health, it is our children’s health. Please elect a more responsible person, a person from the next generation, a person who will be a much better president for all of us.

    Switching now to clean energy sources will revitalize our economy – we can be global leaders in developing and manufacturing clean energy technologies. It will enhance our national security – reducing the pressure on our troops to protect oil supplies and avoiding the worst climate impacts in politically unstable regions of the world. It will make high gasoline prices less of a burden in our daily lives – enabling us to transition to clean plug-in hybrid electric cars. It will help solve the climate crisis – if we fail to act soon, the consequences for our children will be dire.

    I always tell my reasonable friends that the next Bill Gates will be an individual who figures out a super efficient and reasonably priced solar system that can be used particularly in Africa and other 3rd world nations. That’s just the sun. America can do it! That’s what Gore is saying, and Obama too!

  55. Interesting that democrats, particularly liberal women, are reacting with such vitriol to Palin. One would think her independence, confidence, and toughness would embody everything they believe in. Oh yeah..I forgot…they are one issue voters. It’s all about killing the baby isn’t it. Oddly enough, if an unborn fetus perishes as a result of a man’s actions, the man can be convicted of first degree murder, but a mother can kill her baby during birth? Hmm…no double standard there i guess. Let me break it down for the whiners. It’s really the death of the progressive movement that’s got libs and their media all in a twist. If Hobama loses this election, which he will, (look at Zogby folks, he’s the only one who polls LIKELY VOTERS), with all of the current Bush hatred, with their messianic candidate, with MSM hit pieces about unsubstantiated affairs, switched babies, etc., it truly represents the death knell for the left’s great 40 year experiment known as the progressive movement. Glad to see it. I almost don’t care how competent McPalin are. Just the thought of all those stolen election, kill the baby, take my money and give it to people who don’t work whiners, twisting in agony over the sound death of this embarrassing movement, it’ll be worth it. LOL

  56. Big Sid, it’s ignorant to assume that being pro-choice means killing babies. We can disagree about the issues, but let’s do so fairly.

    Also, Hobama is offensive. You and I both know what you mean.

    Take care,

  57. Michelle

    Big are an idiot! First of all I am a democrat who believes abortion is wrong, but I also believe that a country that is know for freedom and democracy should not make this decision for anyone! Especially an extremist Like Sara Palin who believes abortion should be ban even in the case of incest and rape! Palin also does not believe in contraception even for married couple, with McCain’s idea that contraceptives should not be paid by health insurance but Viagra should be included IS insane! Can you just imagine the horrible result of this?..Ohh maybe you don’t because just the way you see it you are an extremist just like Palin!

  58. Ditzykid

    I’m not for killing babies, but I’m also not for forcing rape victims and incest victims to have babies….

    I don’t like Palin because she lies through her teeth….

    She yelled…. “on the bridge to nowhere….. no thanks….. if we want a bridge, we’ll build it.” But what she didn’t tell the American people is that she campaigned for that bridge……told the people of Ketchikan that it would help their economy greatly….. Alaska got the money.. she won the election, and instead of giving it back (since they didn’t want the bridge) she blindsided the people of ketchikan, who helped elect her, and used it for other things….. One report said she used it to build the approach to the non-existent bridge…. so instead of a bridge to nowhere, they have a road to nowhere…….

    I can’t believe in this day and age, she wanted to BAN books from Alaska’s libraries……. that’s Nazi Germany… not 21st century America…..

    She also yelled at the convention that under her administration, they have started construction on a natural gas pipeline to help the energy crisis….. Well…. she got the money all right, but construction has NOT started, and won’t until at least 2017, if ever.

    She also tooted her horn on her economic abilities by selling the state’s plane on eBay for a profit….. McCain told America at the convention of this great accomplishment… and he’s now telling it on the campaign trail….. The fact is… she listed it on eBay.. but it never sold there. Eight months later it was sold to an Alaskan businessman for $600,000 less than it was worth….. in other words…. at a LOSS…..

    She and McCain don’t believe in earmarks…. but she hired a lobbyist to get more earmarks for Alaska…. even though she doesn’t believe in lobbyists……..oh yeah.. neither does McCain… but his campaign manager is one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington……

    I’m just tired of them assuming that we’re all so stupid that they can lie to us through their teeth, and we too stupid to check it out……

  59. Gee, a politician who lies through their teeth, who’d a thunk it. Yet you probably idolize the Clintons, who took lying to an art form. And Michelle, I’m hurt gurl. I’m with you on this. I’m totally for choice. I may not want to kill my own babies, but I’m all for the killing off of those who are unwanted. Oddly enough, as I type this it occurs to me, most of these dead babies probably would have grown up to support the entitlement based victim nation society you dream of.
    By the way girls, seen the most recent polls? Your messiah is falling faster than a 747 with a Muslim at the controls. Y’all know he’s friends with a cop killer right? But that’s OK I guess, as long as he vows to protect your one issue, right?
    Idiot indeed.

  60. Michelle

    Ditzy..nice report on Sarah Palin..thanks for all the info. Sarah Palin is nothing but a liar and her lies will be revealed..she is nothing but a fraud, and it is clear she does not stand for change and is playing the same o’le polictics and quite frankly I’m tired of it..and I bet most amricans are sick of it too.

    Big Sid..stop with the muslim lies, it’s getting old already..

  61. Madeline

    Big Sid, feel free to disagree but your 9/11 references are beyond inappropriate. I don’t care who you’re trying to insult–don’t you dare use the memory of that day to do it.

  62. Ditzykid

    No…. I never idolized the Clintons………

    But when I see the bold face lies that are being told over and over again……. it makes my skin crawl….

    The things that Obama are saying about McCain are based on fact…. and can be verified. The lies that McCain is saying about him can also be verified ………… lies. One of McCain’s latest in trying to prove that Obama is an elitist…… was him telling the American people that Obama, when recently visiting Hawaii (to visit family), spent his time on private beaches there….. Guess what… there are NO private beaches in Hawaii…. As soon as that news got out, you didn’t see that ad again. McCain has wasted so much money on campaign ads that he can no longer use because his lies have been *proven* to be lies……

    And as far as all those killed babies growing up to be productive citizens….. get real… A good majority of them would have been killed by their drug addicted fathers or mothers, or their mothers’ cokehead boyfriends…. I live near Detroit, and I will never forget two stories about those “productive” citizens….. One mother tried to microwave her unwanted baby…. and another, upset that her boyfriend was leaving her, placed their infant in the middle of a five lane highway to get him to come back……… yeah…. those unwanted babies would all grow up to be upstanding productive citizens……..

  63. Desirey

    Why I don’t like Sarah Palin after her insulting, hateful, speech..

    “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”

    I guess University of Idaho School of Journalism is sort of like “Harvard Law School,” except that there aren’t actual educational standards or expectations.”

    While Obama was a community organizer helping people find jobs, Palin was a beauty queen and sportscaster.

    Palin’s a cute little gimmick that recites right-wing talking points. Why is she ducking questions from the press?

    If Palin is so qualified and has so much administrative “experience,” why did she have to hire a “city administrator” for a town of only 5,000 when she was mayor????? And why did Wasilla, that had a surplus when she was first elected, end up with a $22 MILLION DEBT by the time she left? (that’s twenty two million dollars) TELL THE TRUTH SARAH!

    Here are some notable examples of community organizers at work:

    – the signers of the Declaration of Independence;

    – the abolitionists before the Civil War;

    – Susan B. Anthony and all the people who worked for women’s suffrage;

    – Mahatma Gandhi and his followers;

    – Martin Luther King and his followers.

    – Mother Teressa

    – Jesus Christ

    Evidently Sara Palin thinks that none of these people had any “actual responsibilities.”

  64. A tip of the hat to you, Desirey!

  65. Ditzykid

    Another interesting twist……

    I’m sure you all recall the mileage McCain got out of Obama’s relationship with his minister….


    The church that Palin attended from childhood to a few years ago had a pastor that preached that if you didn’t support Bush… you’d go to hell…….. If you voted for Kerry, it is doubtful that you’d make into Heaven……..

    She gave a sermon there asking the members to pray that the war in Iraq was God’s plan……….

    The church she goes to now……… is trying very hard to “cure” homosexuality………

    Ya think McCain might sing those pastors’ praises????

  66. This sort of gnashing can surely be expected until after the election. Memories of John Kerry going down in flames, with all the progressives wringing their hands and whining. Truth be told, I loved it. Al Gore…down in flames to the squeels of stolen election. Loved it. The further behind your candidate gets, the bigger you blood bubble becomes, the less you care who gets caught up in your twisted slaughter of reality. Now it’s U. of Idaho graduates getting the slam. U go gurl.
    Perhaps Palin was unable to reach into my pocket for her tuition money like the Obamas have. I mean, if someone else is forced to pay for your education, why not Harvard, Yale? Sure.
    The Obamas are truly the definition of elitist. Both receiving high value affirmative action educations while looking down their noses at average citizens who actually work for a living, hunt, go to church to praise God.
    Like I said, he’s going down just like the phonies Gore and Kerry before him. And ya know what?? I’ll be lovin it.

  67. Desirey

    McCain and Palin know they only have two groups left that they can try to woo. The Fundies and the Idiots.

    They have the Fundies pretty well sewn up with St. Sarah, the Idiots are too stupid to research the facts of her story telling as a mayor and a governor of Alaska! She’s a big FAT LIAR!

    This woman is nothing but a wiseass trailer park trash. Hopefully on Nov. 5 she will be relegated into the trash bin of history.

    She’s conniving, mean spirited and aggressive. I’m a woman and I hate women like her. She’s an insult to me as Christian and a community organizer and all the good I try to do in this world. She is only the second woman to be put in the position of candidacy for vice president of the United States and she has an obligation to be a leader. She has an obligation to be responsible and compassionate to the people of this nation. When I listen to her I see what I have seen for eight years.
    When I looked to leadership in this country for inspiration I found nothing in the Republicans.

    The only people of inspiration, the ones who truly made me believe there was a future for me and my children in this country, were people like Obama and Biden and Ted Kennedy and Feingold. I will always have deep respect and admiration for the men and women who stood up to the bastards who almost destroyed this country.

    She will continue to lie and cheat and parade her hypocrisy in front of the country. She will soon likely get into the whole “end-times” code words that her crowd so loves. And she will continue to do what her neocon handlers want. And she will do it with impunity.

    More Facts: She supports her teenage pregnant daughter, but CUTS funding for a safe house for pregnant teens in Alaska. She says she will be the advocate for special needs children in the white house, but she CUT special education funding by 62%!!!! as governor of Alaska for 18 months.

    I’m sure they’re will be also working on spinning the ff issues:
    1. troopergate
    2. bridge to nowhere and NOT returning 200M+ in earmarks
    3. road to nowhere
    4. leaving wasilla in debt when she inherited it with a surplus
    5. receiving earmarks for wasilla of about 27M for a population of 5,000 people.
    6. trying to fire city librarian and city police chief for supporting her opponent
    7. for not supporting her mother in law when she ran for mayor of wasilla
    8. for having been almost recalled as mayor of wasilla
    9. for hiring a city administrator because she could not be trusted to run city because of recall cause (community organizers do not have this luxury)
    10. for her position that global warming is not man-made
    11. for suing the federal govt to remove the polar bear from the endangered species list
    12. for lying about selling plane on ebay (and McCain saying she did and collected profit; who informed McCain, or did McCain extrapolate; either way they’re screwed)
    13. for her and her husband’s involvement with the secessionist AIP (remember Michelle Obama was vilified for saying something perceived unpatriotic. flirting with a secessionist group should give them the same grief. btw Palin attacked Michelle on this as well after Obama had been gracious about Bristol)
    14. real authority over Alaska national guard
    15. her spending of 400K to market aerial hunting
    16. her husband’s role in governing. he attends sessions of the legislature and oil commissions.
    17. her judgment on the sports arena which she said was going to earn money for wasilla but has become a money pit
    18. for building roads with 1900’s technology
    19. for pushing for drilling in anwar
    20. for saying they started on the pipeline when pipeline is still years from being built 10 T0 15 years from now..

    Do some research people!

    I’m sure there’s more.

    She is bush in drag. proud, stubborn and vindictive.

  68. Ditzykid

    Did anyone see the interview of Palin by Charlie Gibson???

    I’ll give her one thing…….. she sure knows how to side step , going on and on, and never answering the question…

    I couldn’t believe she said she understood the problem with Russia, because you can actually see Russia from Alaska..?!?!?!?!?!

    And…… I thought it was priceless when he asked her about the Bush Doctrine…. and she didn’t have a clue what he was talking about….. Instead of being “honest” and saying “I don’t know”…… she tried to talk her way out of it, and made herself look like an idiot…….

    I wish I would have counted how many times Gibson had to re-ask the questions, trying to get an answer…….

    I can’t wait until the debates……

  69. Your boy is goin’ down girls. The empty suit is off the hanger. Joe “I never met a story I didn’t plagiarize” Biden was a horrible pick for VP. Like throwing the anchor out of the speedboat at 100mph. The only question left is which left wing moonbats are going to threaten to leave the country when he loses. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any particular affinity for McPalin. I just hate the pompus attitude of the MSM and people like you that think you know what’s best for everybody else. I wish I could see your faces when you finally realize that the majority people in this country simply don’t agree with you.
    Lovin’ it.

  70. ShortPlumpItalianGrandma

    We know what’s better for everyone else??? How about Palin trying to pawn off her beliefs on the entire country?

    And pompous? It’s called being smart, and you’re right, being highly intelligent can definitely come off as being cocky. You know, like when someone is so well versed in a subject they just speak right over your head without a second thought. I’d rather a president/vp who does that than one who just talks a lot but doesn’t SAY much of anything.

  71. Grandma, re-defining the terms doesn’t change the topic. What did someone say about lipstick and a pig? If being smart means feeling free to demonstrate your (supposed) superior skills, while alienating those you are trying to reach, than I guess you’re correct, the Obama’s, Gore’s, and Kerry’s are smarter. But if most people in America think they’re jerks, what does it get them. Like I said, the anointed one is goin’ down.
    Lovin’ it.

  72. Ditzykid

    Get your facts straight Big Sid….

    The first one to use the “lipstick on a pig” remark was McCain, who used it more than once during the primaries, referring directly to Hillary Clinton and her health plan….

  73. Desirey

    Big Sid, lets put the record straight here o.k…

    That’s your man, John McCain, who say’s a where’s Pakistan?, Sunni or Shia – who cares?, bomb-bomb-bomb Iran, Take my wife topless please, kind of guy.

    The man who onces said “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father.”

    Or the fact he called his wife, Cindy the C—t word,
    when Cindy playfully chided him about his thinning hair. “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c**t.” I wonder why she was hooked on pills..

    What about his disgusting joke about a woman getting beat and raped by an ape, but then said she enjoyed it!

    McCain is the the most disgusting, lying, demented, ill politician there is, he would stoop to the lowest level just to be elected, and that is quite scary and America NEEDS TO WAKE need to wake up.

    He also consistently voted against measures to provide access to contraception and sex-education, and voted to approve anti-choice judges, which he admitted on The View.

    McCain is also against equal pay he said “I’m all in favor of pay equity for women, but this kind of legislation is typical of what’s being proposed by my friends on the other side of the aisle, opens us up to lawsuits from all kinds of problems.”

    What a maverick he is, he can’t even stand up to his friends, let alone stand up for womens rights!!

    I don’t see how any woman could vote for him, and men who are voting for McCain and is defending his views are as sick as him!!

  74. Girls, this is the way men think. I’ve never heard any of the references Desirey made here, but most are consistent with how guys are when together. Everything, except maybe the c-word thing in front of the wife, sounds like guys being guys. Thanks for that Chelsea / Reno gag though, I’ll get some mileage out of that with my pals.
    He’s not my man either. But I’d rather vote for a suitcase with a rock in it than your boy. Cokehead pal of a cop killer, running state funded real estate scams in Chicago. Look it up. McCain may have a potty mouth, but he certainly has more integrity than your boy.

  75. desireycali

    Talk about integrity..hahah very funnyyyyyy,

    McCain’s straight talk has become a toxic mix of lies and double call that integrity??? Him hiring the SAME liars who tried to destroy his career in 2000 primaries.

    McCain is so desperate, and will do whatever it takes lies, Karl Rovian tactics. Yeah he’s changed alright …. he has exchanged his character and integrity into a Karlrove McBush and that IS NOT THE CHANGE AMERICA NEEDS…

  76. Urock

    Hey big sid
    one statement for you-BRING ON THE DEBATES !

    It is great to finally see that Obama is bringing out the truth in the commercials on what “Mc Shame and his pawn ” are all about!!!

    Vote Obama

  77. Desirey

    So, what does Sarah Palin think of our current economic crisis? Oh wait, we will never know what she thinks, because the press is the enemy! I really could not have imagined an America where the vice-presidential candidate of a major party would refuse all comment on a day like today, for the simple fact that the party leaders and her presidential running mate know that the entire charade of her candidacy would be down the tubes if she gave a press conference on this issue. She would reveal the total paucity of her knowledge and her complete inability to even understand what is going on. Wake up America, before it is too late!

    Earlier this morning of all days, in Florida, John McCain’s reassured them that the “fundamentals of the economy are strong” I would like to ask Mr. McCain exactly what those fundamentals are and why they are strong. I bet he can’t answer the question. He is dementedly out of touch!

  78. Desirey

    John McCAIN SAID THAT Sarah Palin’s “first dude” is a 4 time champion of stupid snow mobile race, so he too is ready for Washington!!!! You got to be kidding me!!!! He’s stump speech in Florida is nothing but a pageant personality contest with no substance, not once did he ever mentioned what he would to fix this chaos!! Enough is ENOUGH..Americ vote Obama/Biden

  79. Tony

    Do you trust your future to John McCain, Phil Gram, and the the lobbyists that are advising him and running his campaign?

    The strength of the economy is in the eyes of the beholder.

    When you own too many houses,so much so that you lost count of them,then surely you are loving this time and the economy could not be better for you.

    Yes,In John McCain’s world,the economy is doing great.

    The only difference is that,we dont live in the same world as John McCain.

  80. Ditzykid

    We wake up this morning to the news that Lehman Brothers is declaring bankruptcy, and Merrill Lynch has been taken over…….

    They also announced today that our housing market is in the worst trouble it has ever been in since the depression…….

    and John McCain, in Florida, TODAY, said *again* that he thinks our economy is fundamentally sound……

    Yeah,…… he’s *really* in touch with America…….

    Those statements just solidify his comments in December that he doesn’t know as much about the economy as he should……… Duh!

    I don’t know about you, but I sure couldn’t afford to buy a $3,500 outfit to give a speech in……… I *know* how many homes I own….. *one*…and it sits on axles on cinder blocks……… I can’t afford to pay $400 for frames for my glasses…… I buy my glasses at the dollar store…… I don’t have a private plane to fly around in….. I drive, only when I have to because I can’t afford gas, a 12 year old car……..

    But hey…. I’m *sure* McCain is “in touch” with me and people like me”……..

    And good old Sarah is in Colorado repeating the same speech, from the convention, that she has repeated wherever she has gone…… They won’t let her go off on her own, or field questions from the press, because they know she’ll make a fool of herself like she did during the Charlie Gibson interview………

    So we have a candidate for president that doesn’t know zip about our economy, and thinks he’s in touch with middle America…………….. and that our economy is sound…..

    And we have a vice presidential candidate that thinks she is very qualified in foreign affairs, and especially the recent problems in Russia because she “can see Russia from Alaska……..”

    America…. wake up!

  81. Tony

    Is this important?

    “[Gramm]was co-sponsor of the 1999 law that allowed commercial banks to get into investment banking. And… Gramm was a prime architect of a 2000 bill that kept regulators’ hands off of “credit default swaps,” an exotic financial tool which helped enable the bundling and selling of crappy subprime mortgages to investors.

    [McCain] said that Gramm and others thought that they were doing the right thing in the 2000 legislation.

    But that’s just the point.

    Nobody thought that they were setting up a cataclysmic collapse in the nation’s financial sector, but when you’re restricting public oversight of private markets, you’d better give some serious thought to the downside.”

    from the Philadelphia Daily News…
    Who is Dr. Phil Gramm? Well, among many other dark deeds, he is John McCain’s chief economic advisor. The man who recently called out the whole country for being “whiners,” the man McCain has recently dubbed, “one of the greatest minds in economics in the whole world,” and btw… Sarah Palin’s tutor in Econ 101.

    Is this important as the DOW blows out both front tires in the curve and Wall Street shakes like San Francisco in the Great Quake?

    Just look at the detritus of the last 4 years (and yes, dear reader, 9/11 was well into GWB’s watch) and ask yourself: What’s next?

    4 more months is a long time when deranged monkeys are sailing what’s left of the ship of state.

    God deliver us form the idiots among us!

  82. Consumer price index, while up, when adjusted minus food and oil, (typical stat) is only up fractionally over the last year. Unemployment is up 0.3%, which is certainly bad for those who lose their job, but nowhere near “worst financial crisis in generations” as claimed by OBlowhard. Average income is rising, again not much, but not collapsing. Again, libs never let the truth get in the way. Surely you don’t hold the President responsible for providing you a nice house and a good job, oh, that’s right…you do.
    Yeah, the government made a mistake by allowing certain critical laws governing mortgage lending and sale to expire. Not Bush, congress, (democrat controlled). Tony makes it sound like G.W. himself robbed the federal reserve, with McPalin’s help. Predatory lending increased and morons were allowed to borrow more than they could pay back. This is a huge problem, but not time to jump out of the window.
    I may as well make something up like Blowbama was a cokehead pot smoker who’s terrorist friends feel they should blow up more government, (pronounced gubment), property and kill more policemen…oh wait…that’s true.
    Pay taxes for a little while girls, you’ll eventually lose your idealistic, “government’s the answer to everything” beliefs and take a little personal responsibility. For now, I’m just glad that most of the shrillest, whiny, hand in my wallet punks of the gen x crowd don’t bother to vote. LOL.
    Lovin’ it.

  83. Urock

    I’m a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight…..

    * If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you’re ‘exotic, different.’

    * Grow up in Alaska eating moose burgers, a quintessential American story.

    * If your name is Barack you’re a radical, unpatriotic Muslim.

    * Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you’re a maverick.

    * Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable.

    * Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you’re well grounded.

    * If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate’s Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran’s Affairs committees, you don’t have any real leadership experience.

    * If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you’re qualified to become the country’s second highest ranking executive.

    * If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within Protestant churches, you’re not a real Christian.

    * If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you’re a Christian.

    * If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.

    * If , while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state’s school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant , you’re very responsible.

    * If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family’s values don’t represent America’s.

    * If you’re husband is nicknamed ‘First Dude’, with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn’t register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable.

    OK, much clearer now.

  84. desireycali

    Every day a new verbal gaffe from McPalin ticket. Yeah the fundamental deregulator wants to deregulate the health care industry to ensure we get ripped off for essential health care services and that the insurance companies can deny payment without supervision or responsibility. McCain said he would cut spending and he said Social Security cuts are on the table. He backed Bush’s plan to “privatize”. I am at times incredulous that McCain and his people tell outright lies, and then when called on them, they LIE again! Somehow he seems to continue to fool about half the people. Only ignorance and/or racism can explain anyone voting for McCain.

    The $700 billion taxpayer funded bailout of Wall Street is nothing less than a bailout of the republican party and the McCain campaign who brought us Reagan’s Voo Doo economics that created this whole mess. This bailout is nothing but stealing from our children and grandchildren and we adults should be apologizing to them for the reckless DEregulation brought on by McStupid, the lobbyist and Phil Gramm… loving Reagan foot soldiers. Heck of a job Repubs!

  85. Oddly enough, McCain supported renewal of the very regulations that when allowed to sunset, resulted in this mess. Both Obama and Biden voted against renewal. But don’t let the truth get in the way of your screed.
    And how does an Illinois senator get away with funneling million$ of taxpayer’s dollars into a city hospital? I guess Michelle is really earning that 300K annual salary huh.
    Like I always say, behind every successful woman is a much more successful man, propping her up, (and doin’ her doggie.) Except, it seems, Sarah. Hmmm.
    Lovin’ it.

  86. Urock

    Hey Big Sid
    By your horrible comments towards disrespecting “women” in your last comment-it falls right in-line with the Republican view points on “women’s rights” if it wasnt for “loser men” we wouldnt have to worry about abortions-Remember what goes on in life always comes right back at you-this website should kick you to the curb for allowing such a depicable comment.

  87. ditzykid

    I have a question.

    Why is the republican party so desperately afraid to allow reporters to ask Sarah Palin even one question.

    Could it be they are afraid she will show her ineptness????

    I suppose now they’ll try to convince us she is more than qualified in the area of foreign affairs because she’s having her picture taken with some world leaders?????

  88. Urock, I was trying to be nice, I added the throwaway line to give you a good excuse for not addressing the facts I also point out. This way you don’t appear to be the head-in-the-sand, partisan, one issue voter that the “woman’s movement” has come to be represented by.
    And blaming “loser men” for the need for abortions? Follow that line of thought to it’s logical conclusion. LOL.
    And Ditz, at least you admit Charlie Rose is not a reporter, because she did a sit-down with him right?
    I got a question for ya’ll…Why don’t reporters ask even one question of WoeBama regarding his terrorist cop killing friends or his wife’s job as a funnel for tax money to her employer? And while I’m at it, why is nobody, but nobody, at all interested in anything Biden has to say about anything?
    LOL, lovin’ it.

  89. desireycali

    McCain’s camp did not vet her well enough to let her answer ‘off the cuff questions’. If it’s not scripted she’s not talking in front of the press. The Gibson interview was ridiculous and I have no comment regarding the interview with Sean Hannity.

    I find it really amusing that McCain/Palin seems to believe that to middle america, Sarah Palin shaking hands with some real key players (in poor terms) over the course of several hours is supposed to put conservative minds at rest that she is ready to be ‘a heartbeat -or less-away from the office of President of the United States’. It doesn’t and she isn’t. Why should they get a free pass?

  90. Tony

    Bush/conservative/Republican ideology has made this country better. No repub can point to the smaller less intrusive government Bush and his cronies created, no conservative can point to a balanced budget, no American can say that the invisible line seperating church and state is still intact. Facts are facts and the fact is America is not better off due to the stewardship of those who call themselves Republican.

    Republican greed got us into this mess 2wars,our economy going down the crap.

    We see the effect of Republican policies and corruption on our economy. The voters feel it in their daily lives.

    But Republicans have done much bigger harm. Do not forget the war, don’t ever forget the war in Iraq.

    The war has devastated America”s moral authority abroad, increased the number of terror!sts, caused massive death and suffering to millions, diminished America”s prestige by shameless acts such as torture, made the M!ddle East and the world a more d@ngerous place than ever before, set a shameless precedent for unprovoked (pre-emptive) war, caused death and injury to tens of thousand American soldiers, wasted over $1.5 TRILLION, contributed heavily to the decline of our economy, and all this to satisfy the depraved goal of a few seeking “benevolent hegemony” and world domination, while mut!lating the long cherished American values of peaceful coexistence and justice.

    It is in this context that we must make our choices in this election.This election is unlike any in at least fifty years. It is imperative that we, the American electorate, make the right choice in this election.

    The cause is bigger than Obama. The cause is to take back and re-build our country.

  91. ditzykid

    First of all, Sid, I can now see why you are such a supporter of McCain…… You can’t get your facts straight….. just like him….

    It’s Charlie Gibson…… not Charlie Rose…..

    And it was her first interview… and she blew it… that’s why they won’t let her answer any questions… even on the campaign trail……..

    I watched the View this morning…… and even Barbara Walters stated (who usually tries to stay neutral) that smart Americans see that they won’t let Sarah Palin answer questions because they’re afraid she is uninformed……… and will say something stupid……they’ve even put “conditions” on the debate that will limit exchanges between her and Biden……..

    She met several world leaders yesterday….. and *Bono*?????…… in a very short time….. just long enough to have her picture taken with them…….. Think she remembers all of their names???????

    I think the American people are showing that they are a lot smarter than the Republicans think they are…….. McCain’s and Palin’s numbers are dropping………. as one of our posters would say…….. “lovin’ it”…..

  92. Ditzykid

    Good on Katie Couric………… she didn’t let Sarah Palin get away with her double talk. I loved it when she asked Palin *again* to tell us what McCain has done specifically in the past 26 years to help the economy… and she stuttered and then said…… “well… I’ll try to find some things and get back to ya”…… And the thing about Putin flying over Alaska……. Oh my God… no wonder they don’t want her to be asked questions….

    I also thought it was interesting that in every photo of McCain outside that meeting showed him with Lieberman at his side……… remember… *that’s* who he wanted as his VP pick…… but the party big whigs said no…. so he chose Palin…….. I’ll bet that’s one of his big regrets……..

    And it looks like McCain’s attempt to get rid of the VP debate failed…. If they didn’t have the debate tonight…. they’d not do the VP debate.. and do this one then…….

    It just floors my mind that just in December, McCain himself said he didn’t know that much about economics….. and here he is… off to Washington to solve the crisis… He didn’t say much at that meeting… so no one knew where he stood….. can we say political posturing…… and photo op?????

  93. Not sure what country “Tony” refers to as having “long cherished American values of peaceful coexistence and justice”. THIS country was born of war, and has been at war off and on since. I would think BHO’s brethren, the islamo terrorists, would be better identified as having “mutilated” whatever long cherished values America has as they hit U.S. interests time and time again during that cesspool of American history known as the Clinton administration, culminating in their Sept. 11 finale. (Let’s not mention that there’s not been one successful attack against American interests since. It doesn’t play well into the lib fantasy).
    As the MSM, with their hideous troll Couric, hang on every word Palin says, Biden can’t keep his foot out of his mouth long enough to have a cup of coffee. And while the entire remaining membership of SDS and Weather Underground’s domestic terrorist apparatus line up in support for LowBama, the left’s tool, MSM, questions a decorated war veteran’s fitness to be commander and chief. And y’all still imply it’s the repubs who are getting the pass. You people are laughable. Put down your joints and salads long enough to check voting records and, oh wait…that would inject a little reality into the propaganda. I forgot, can’t have that.
    I can see why you’re ardent supporters of BHO. He and his wife have led their entire lives in hatred of this country, as have you. They blame the US for every wrong in the world, as do you. Their only interest in becoming the leaders of this once great country is to reduce it to the level of every third world shithole they identify with so well, as do you.
    So carry on all you Chicken Little’s. Continue to despise America and pray for her demise. I worry not. Jimmy Carter proved that one term, even for the most inept president ever, can’t completely kill us. Just don’t forget to actually vote. This constitutional right, as well as the right to bear arms is the only thing that separates us from those aforementioned shitholes, where one can be dragged into the street in front of their home and executed in front of their family, with impunity, by government agents…oh wait…that’s what BHO and you are looking to turn America into, isn’t it. LOL
    Lovin’ it.

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