omfg, gossip girl is back. xoxo.

So I quasi-live blogged the show with the hottest cast EVER, quasi-not.

Quick thoughts:

Croquet, pastels and cocktails.  It’s GG.  And it’s on crack–and by crack I mean the Hamptons.  Thirty seconds in and these crazy kids are already getting it on!  God I missed this show.  Rawr.  WHY WAS I NOT THAT HOT AT 16? Or 17.  Or 18.  Or 19…this is getting depressing.  Whatever.

Oooh Dunkin’ Donuts product placement on Rufus’ tour bus.  My New England trained eye could spot a DD logo anywhere.

Drama with Blair and “Chuck Basstard” about a pin. What is this? 1950? LAME.

Speaking of Chuck.  I think they’ve taken this “I’m Chuck Bass” thing a little too far.  Taking good characters from the first time around and putting them on steroids for all subsequent appearances is a common mistake.  I like to call it the Stifler Syndrome.  In the first American Pie movie, Stifler was absurd yet oddly believable.  And kind of funny.  I mean, he does get peed on.  With each AP movie, (AP 2, American Wedding) he became a caricature of himself and utterly obnoxious.  He is practically the star of American Wedding.  Teevee God (aka script writers and producers) help us.  I WANT OLD CHUCK BACK.

Let’s take a second to acknowledge Serena’s hair at the White Party.  She looked like a goddess, for sure.  But the hair was so over the top.  It looked like golden snakes wound in with the Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves lovechild hair extensions.  Her hair = a hot tranny mess.  Despite having hair of the Medusa persuasion, Blake Lively is stunning and I want to be her. (Blake and Penn–never ever ever ever break up.  Ya’ll are the new Seth and Summer/Adam and Rachel.  Don’t fail us like they did.)

I have a friend who believes Blair Waldorf is his soulmate.  Best of luck to you, friend, because a) she’s not real and b) this bitch is back in full force.  (Is it just me or did she look like she got into a nasty brawl with a spray tan booth?  Ummm Blair it was the White Party, not the Orange and White party.) And dating a British lord who pretended to be an American that went to Princeton so that people liked him for his pretentious, rich American elitist self and not his pretentious, rich British elitist self?  My mind is blown.  First of all, this makes me yearn for the days when Prince William was still a dreamboat (sigh).  But really, GG?  You’re going to give us all false hopes that this tomfoolery actually happens?  And that a British Lord wants me to like him for him and not just his title?  Disney already ruined me.  This might break me.

As Kristen Bell’s voice familiarly closed the episode with “You know you love me.  XOXO, Gossip Girl”, I have to say, I don’t think I did love this Gossip Girl.  The scripts were never good, but this was dreadful.  I love me some bad teevee shows and my expectations are wayyyyyy lower than they should be, but I at least expect the dialogue to be tolerable at best.

But the clothes were amazing.  And I’ll still watch next week.  Mission accomplished.

On another note, I am obsessed with the song played in the opening scene.  It is my new favorite summer/end of summer (wahhhhhhh) song and I am embarrassed.  I am embarrassed because one half of the band, Shwayze, is Mischa Barton’s ex-bf.  Remember Cisco Adler?  Yup.  Now he can be known for something other than looking like the younger brother of Weird Al and being the former lovah of the worst character on the OC and a Keds spokeswoman.  Basically this song is the 2008 version of LFO’s “Summer Girls”.  Stop judging me, jerks.

You know you love me.  XOXO,  Kathleen.

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7 responses to “omfg, gossip girl is back. xoxo.

  1. Blech, I totally agree about Cisco Adler. He skeeves me out! And, you know, I’m actually surprised that I hadn’t noticed the similarities between him & Weird Al before … Now that I look at him, it’s so blatantly obvious. How did I never make that connection??

    And regarding Chuck .. God, I can’t help but love him. I totally get what your saying about him becoming more and more of a caricature (Stifler being a good example), but I think that caricature, that image, that burlesque that he tries to uphold only makes those few moments when we see he’s actually human all the more special.

    At any rate, I just stumbled upon this from browsing WordPress tags — I love what I’ve read so far! Check me out if you get a chance. 🙂

  2. drunkinarowboat

    Kathleen, I love you. But this song….I’m not sure it can compare to Summer girls.

    Also, the boy I like is conservative. I seriously don’t know what to do about this. Does your mom know? He has many other amazing qualities. But he also likes Sarah Palin and said on the phone that she has more experience than Barack does. If I told you that I started crying and hung up on him, you would be hearing a true store. I know we’re young, but am I wasting my time?

    Misguided and misty-eyed in Massachusetts,
    your friend Caroline

  3. Mallory

    I just watched it and I must say, I’m disappointed. You touched on most of what I wanted to say, but seriously, getting Serena and Dan back together in the FIRST EPISODE? We don’t even get any hot makeup sex! Jenny’s dress wasn’t that cute; Chuck’s hair and clothes have gotten absurd; Chuck’s “I…lo…” scene was some of the worst acting I’ve seen since the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2; Blair’s headbands are annoying me less; and Nate is so fucking pretty. Mmm.

    And tooootally agree with Serena’s hair at the white party…that looked like a prom ‘do on crack, NOT what you’re going for at a daytime party.

  4. justcallmepam

    Also, I don’t see why the English lord was so into Blair. She had just used him and told him he was boring yet he still wanted to be with her? The whole situation was just ridiculous.

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