youtube clip of today: palin kids.

Piper, girrrrrrrrrrrl I know how you feel.  I play with hair when I’m listening to boring speeches too.  But I typically do not use spit.  Whatev.

Watching this video, you kind of have to say “awwww”.  It’s really not those poor Palin children’s fault that their mother is an embarrassment to politics.

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4 responses to “youtube clip of today: palin kids.

  1. drunkinarowboat

    kathleen! my friend socialist jeanine would not stop going on about how creepy it was that palin’s kid was licking her brother’s head. I had missed it. thanks for filling me in.

    regardless of what happens, I’m looking forward to the bristol/levi E! true hollywood story in ten years time.

    also, did you know mrs. palin went to five different colleges in the period of 6 years?

  2. Michelle

    Did you know she over exagerated on herr ebay story about the plane or how about the bridge to no where and keeping the money on top of it!?..Lies lies lies!

    And also…How can I trust this woman to be a heart beat away of being the next president .America has only 2 MONTHS to make the right choice,How can we know she and McCain are the right choice? WHEN SHE DOESN’T EVEN WANT TO TALK TO THE MEDIA? What is there to hide, she talks a good talk, well then what is she afraid of?

    I don’t like how she plays the victim and the attacker, I don’t like how she insults community organizers, I don’t like how she uses her family, then when we question their moral values then the family is off limits..and the more the media digs up her record, the more she turns out to be a liar.

    I just hope there’s enough common sense people out there that will vote for the right thing, and that is to vote for Obama and Biden and kick the damn repubs out of the white house! 8 years is enough!

  3. Michelle

    Ohh one more thing how funny some rock stars are pissed of that the RNC had played their music when they asked McCain hours ahead not to play their music, but typical repubs, no respect for others, they still played Baracuda, from the Hearts, John Mellencamp, who asked McCain to stop playing his music “Our Country” and “Small Town.” and Jackson Browne is suing John McCain for using the song “Running on Empty” how sad these stars does not want to associate themselves in anyway with McCain..pity

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