kevin gillespie, you are my hero.

He’s Beardo to the Gawker live bloggers, David the Gnome to my roommate, and number one in my heart. (Yeah, I totally went there.) Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all take a few moments to appreciate the snuggly wonder that is Kevin from Top Chef:


Um hi ginger beard.

But he’s not just snuggly! He’s tough too!


Just kidding! Still snuggly! Kevin, c’mere and give me a hug!

Seriously, though. I love Kevin. This is a weird season of Top Chef (as in four people are awesome and the rest suck and it’s just matter of time before the show gets to where we all knew it was going from Day One), and Kevin is the only one who consistently delivers and makes me happy (it’s like Blair on Gossip Girl, always making up for the other characters). Jennifer is painfully insecure about her cooking; Hipster Douche lives with his parents and is just plain irritating; something’s off about Robin; Douche Brother needs to learn to talk with his chin up and stop being a sore loser; Nice Brother is blah; and Jersey Douche makes me embarrassed to have liked his restaurant. But Kevin is perfect.

Speaking of perfect, hey Natalie Portman? Wanna be friends? Yer funny.

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5 responses to “kevin gillespie, you are my hero.

  1. Starmanda

    Shannon and I could not help but notice the love affair between Natalie and Padma. They giggled together 90% of the episode, and I want in on that friendship ASAP…I could be their token ugly friend.

  2. E.Lee

    Re: Starmanda’s comment. Pluce and I are convinced that they were completely high, which is sort of hilarious and makes me wonder just how much pretty girls can get away with on a reality show. Re: ginger beard…Pluce is OBSESSED with Kevin and doesn’t stop talking about him the entire show. Everytime he wins, Peter gives a crazy laugh and says “He wins AGAIN! He ALWAYS wins!!” We do this every week now. All I have to say is what I always say…”Behold, the power of pork fat.”

  3. Mallory

    They were TOTALLY high. On Gawker they talk have a game where they rank Padma’s level of stoned-ness from slightly baked to totally blazed. I think we were at a totally blazed level last night, and Portman was in on it. I want to be a Top Chef judge.

    Just picturing Pluce getting all giddy about that makes me so happy. Last night, after Kevin won, I did this “YESSSS” motion with my arm and Ally was like “Uh, that’s easily the lamest thing you’ve done all day.”

  4. hannah

    Didn’t it all come together last night when he won the tricked-out kitchen ovens? He won the measly Calphalon pots a few episodes ago and Becca and I were like…. psssshhhhh Kevin, you’ve been poned.


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