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kevin gillespie, you are my hero.

He’s Beardo to the Gawker live bloggers, David the Gnome to my roommate, and number one in my heart. (Yeah, I totally went there.) Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all take a few moments to appreciate the snuggly wonder that is Kevin from Top Chef:


Um hi ginger beard.

But he’s not just snuggly! He’s tough too!


Just kidding! Still snuggly! Kevin, c’mere and give me a hug!

Seriously, though. I love Kevin. This is a weird season of Top Chef (as in four people are awesome and the rest suck and it’s just matter of time before the show gets to where we all knew it was going from Day One), and Kevin is the only one who consistently delivers and makes me happy (it’s like Blair on Gossip Girl, always making up for the other characters). Jennifer is painfully insecure about her cooking; Hipster Douche lives with his parents and is just plain irritating; something’s off about Robin; Douche Brother needs to learn to talk with his chin up and stop being a sore loser; Nice Brother is blah; and Jersey Douche makes me embarrassed to have liked his restaurant. But Kevin is perfect.

Speaking of perfect, hey Natalie Portman? Wanna be friends? Yer funny.

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