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bigfoot’s big news? or big lies?

Two dudes are getting ready to pull off the biggest prank ever, or make a mockery of all of us non-freaks (kidding!) who laugh at the supermarket tabloids. In the tabloids’ defense, they did bring the John Edwards (I hope Jesse Jackson goes after him, if you know what I mean) affair to the attention of the mainstream media. Anyway, so Matthew Whitton (AKA Gary Parker…that’s what the Web site says. What does that mean?! That’s almost as mysterious as Bigfoot) and Rick Dyer found Bigfoot! They’ve got pictures and everything. And if anyone was to find it, I’m glad it was these guys because they dedicated their lives to it. Yes, they are like the Ghostbusters. Except they are Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. Seriously. And they found Bigfoot in the woods in Northern Georgia. Really, Bigfoot? Nothing against Georgia, but there are better woods in this country. Like….NEW HAMPSHIRE.

But I’d like to give some credit to George Lucas for this discovery.  Perhaps he saw Bigfoot years ago, and instead of turning him in, used him as a muse for Chewbacca.  I don’t know, just a thought.  They do look really similar…

I’d totally blow these guys off and make fun of them mercilessly, but they are having a press conference on Friday to present their evidence. They’ve got a body, and, in true CSI or other generic TV crime drama form, they will present DNA evidence. Gasp! DNA!? AWESOME. Anyway, you can read more about it here, or go to Searching For Bigfoot, Inc. (super duper tackytastic Web site)

What do you think? I just feel like this summer is so crazy. First the astronaut says there are aliens, then we have the Montauk monster. Now I need to go pick up a few tabloids. You never know, maybe Elvis is next.

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