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mom, i’m marrying a serial killer.

To take a quick break from sports, I’m going to write about another popular topic on SWTCTW- strange weddings. (For evidence of this, please click here and here) Everyone has heard the jokes about marriage being a life sentence and whatnot. This story is the perfect combination of all these things in a sick and twisted way. Oh man, my mind is whirling with puns and bad jokes that I could make. Okay, maybe just one… Nihita Biswas can literally call her future hubby the old ball and chain.

Confessed French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who is 64 and serving a life sentence in Nepal, is engaged to marry Nihita, a 20-year-old Nepalese girl. Here is their how we met story: they met when she was applying to be a translator for one of his lawyers. (Cute? No?) Oh, and he is best known by his criminal nickname, “The Serpent”.

There are so many things wrong with this! Besides the whole killing people thing, I don’t think I could ever marry someone with a nickname that sounds like it comes from a Batman movie! (Sidenote: I am so excited for the new Batman movie. Why, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeath, why? I love you.) What are his evil powers, besides the obvious? I wish this was an episode of Scrubs and you could see what goes on in my head. Damn my wild imagination.

Even though you can’t see what goes on in my head, use your own to imagine the conversation she had with her mother. Moms essentially all ask the same basic questions when it comes to learning about the new man in her daughter’s life. What is his name? What is he like? What does he do? Or in the case of marriage, they ask when the date for the wedding is. For the Serpent and his lady, this all depends on whether the Nepal Supreme Court accepts his appeal and let’s him out of his life sentence. Good luck with that. The point is, not one answer to any of the basic questions is good! How do even you answer ‘what does he do’?

Instead of answering all of these questions for the news story, the blushing bride to be commented on the 44 year age gap between them.

“I am mature enough to decide for myself,” she said. “Age does not make a difference.”

Age is the least of your worries, hun. I think your number one priority should be, umm, staying alive.

The Frenchman has in the past admitted to killing several Western tourists, and he is believed to have murdered at least 20 people in Afghanistan, India, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal, Iran and Hong Kong during the 1970s.

So this story isn’t quite Sunday New York Times wedding announcement material, but it’s still a wedding announcement. Congratulations to the happy couple? I demand an invite and there best be an open bar.

Here she is:

And here he is (looking mysterious and somewhat dapper?):

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SATC! COSMOS! OMG! live YOUR life.

I’ve watched every episode of Sex and the City. A few weekends ago, I saw the movie (with my gurrrrrrrlz! Cosmos! LYLAS). I’ve been sucked into this image, and as I lie here on my bed with my Mac (just like SJP! But 100 lbs heavier), I can’t help but wonder…has the quirky narrative of Carrie Bradshaw and company drowned out our own internal monologue?

My life right now is as far from Sex and the City as it could possibly be. I’m not fashionable, I don’t live in a city, and chastity is the name of my game these days. And I seem to be the only person to realize that being pink doesn’t hide the fact that cosmos taste like pure vodka. Despite all of this, there is something so relatable about Sex and the City. And that’s just the problem. It has become a reference for our everyday lives, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. We are part of the Sex and the City generation, and we’re growing up. If you think I’m crazy and over exaggerating the impact the show has had, just know that Aiden was the number one name for boys born in the U.S in 2003. And has been ever since. Coincidence? I think not.

We are also the online generation. The internet has provided numerous ways for us to show the love. Sex and the City, like Grey’s Anatomy, provides a plethora of quotes for girls to use as away messages and favorite quotes on Facebook. Examples ripped from the profiles of my loved ones:

“So just live. Make mistakes, and have wonderful times, but never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where it is that you are going.”

“Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”

For more just fabulous material and to find the perfect profile quote, please visit http://www.sexandthecityquotes.com/. Yup. There’s an entire Web site devoted to it.

In the Sex and the City world and now the real world, we are asked to identify ourselves by character. In fact, there are t-shirts out there that say “I’m a Samantha” (so you’re a slut?), “I’m a Charlotte” (WASPy prude?), “I’m a Miranda” (bitch?) or “I’m a Carrie” (emotional train wreck?) For the record, I’m a hybrid. I believe I’m a Carrie/Miranda, but who knows? The point is this: There are more than four types of women in this world—and thank god for that.

That being said, there are universal truths shared among women when it comes to men (read: we are superior, men are jerks, whatever). But just as there are more than four types of women, there are also more than two or three types of men. Comparing our lives to Sex and the City and other chick shows may be fun, but it might not be totally healthy. You can’t make your own mistakes if you’re making the ones Carrie and Company already made. (OMG, this is JUST like that episode of Sex and the City when…) You won’t learn from those mistakes if you take Carrie’s word for it without exploring how you really feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be negative—it’s fun to go to the Sex and the City movie with your best friends and drink pink vodka, but real life is way more complicated than that. You don’t need Carrie to tell you to love yourself. You can have the same life experiences in a solid pair of Rainbows as Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos. So don’t look for an Aiden, Big, McDreamy or McSteamy. Just look for your own soul mate—and if he happens to be as hot as Aiden, lucky you.

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